Monday, September 28, 2020

Cuteness Overload Warning - Vicious Puppy K2 "Attacking" Patient Playful German Shepherd Kennedy - IMRAN™ (Part 1) / (In Explore!)

Cuteness Overload Warning - Vicious Puppy K2 "Attacking" Patient Playful German Shepherd Kennedy - IMRAN™ (Part 1) / (In Explore!)
(My 91st post and the first video in Flickr Explore! Part 2 at ) This one deserves a cuteness overload warning! Kennedy and K2 had been together for almost one week as I made this video. We had come home from a walk. It was a pleasant night so I sat on a chair to watch vicious GSD puppy K2 constantly attack poor perfectly patient and playful German Shepherd Kennedy. Some of K2's poses will make you think he is a bear. Others will remind you of Muhammad Ali, as he punches and dances, with Kennedy enjoying being his sparring partner as a parent or older brother would, although they had not even completed 7 days of being together. Kennedy is such a smart and wise dog. See how he constantly checks with me to make sure he is not overdoing anything. But he also naturally makes sure not to actually injure the puppy. What a great pair of dogs these two are.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Driveway Palm Tree Reflections Overlay Tampa Bay As You See Rays Of A Beautiful Boat Passing By My Home - IMRAN™

Driveway Palm Tree Reflections Overlay Tampa Bay As You See Rays Of A Beautiful Boat Passing By My Home - IMRAN™
Even on a mostly cloudy day as it was on this mid-spring afternoon, when I recorded this video, the light from the window above the front door still causes a major reflection in the window on the back overlooking Tampa Bay. So you can see palm tree reflections from the driveway and street overlay the beautiful boating and yachting scene.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Kennedy, K2 & Riley2 At Symphony Isles Beach IMRAN™

Kennedy, K2 & Riley2 At Symphony Isles Beach - IMRAN™
My German Shepherd Kennedy and the brand new puppy had gotten to spend 2-3 days with my neighbors when I had to go away unexpectedly for a few days right after I had gotten the puppy home back in April. After my return, I walked the dogs at the community beach in Symphony Isles, Apollo Beach, Florida. My neighbors and their sweet kids who took care of my dogs also joined us with their very friendly dog, Riley. I call him Riley 2 because Kennedy has a very sweet female pure white English Lab Riley in the neighborhood that he has loved from before meeting Riley2. This was a fun minute or two of clips you will enjoy.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

2 Days Away & Amazing Double Dog Welcome Home, Priceless! IMRAN™

2 Days Away & Amazing Double Dog Welcome Home, Priceless! - IMRAN™
I am sure you will love this story and the video. In earlier episodes of K2's new life story with Kennedy and me in Florida, I had mentioned how literally 2 days after we got home, I had to leave unexpectedly to deal with an emergency. My lovely neighbors and their sweet kids had taken care of both German Shepherds during that time.
When I got back home I had gone inside not knowing that the dogs were apparently downstairs at the garage level. They had apparently felt more at home at, well..., home. After a short while, I had seen the kids across the street and asked them from the front door where my dogs were. They said they were downstairs. We decided to do a little surprise for the dogs as they had not realized I was home upstairs.
I stood to the side of the house while one of the sweet young girls opened the door, while her older sister made the video. Just check out the reactions of Kennedy.
I have had him 14 months. He is used to my being away when I drop him at his favorite dog-host Emily's and her family's home. Last year I had even gone away for nearly 3 weeks during my trip to Pakistan and Kennedy had been happy but completely calm when I picked him up. He NEVER jumps on anyone.
But this time he had sensed that I had gone away somehow differently. This was his reaction after my being away just 2 days even though he had been super-chill every time I came back after even 3 weeks. You can literally see and hear him reprimand me for my absence. What is fun to also watch is how even K2 gets into the mood.
The video would have been longer but my next-door neighbor saw this taking place. Instead of quietly watching the video being made, she walked over talking about the dogs, which made them turn their attention to the disturbance, and the recording was stopped.
I wish this video had been 2-3 minutes longer, but the sheer love and intelligence of these incredible creatures is nothing short of... Priceless!

© 2020 IMRAN™

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Storm Before The Storm - IMRAN™

Storm Before The Storm - IMRAN™
It is ironic, and purely coincidental, that I am posting this video of a storm passing through Tampa Bay on April 20, 2020, today on August 23, 2020, when not one but two hurricanes are going to hit the Gulf of Mexico. It is just the timing of my catching up to pending posts and stories of K2's new life with me.
It is actually the saved video of a FaceBook livestream I had done from the dock. There was a storm raging and I had gone for a walk with Kennedy and the puppy K2. On returning home, I took them both to the dock. I captured this video of the rolling waves, and of Kennedy barking at the waves thinking there were dolphins inside them.
This was definitely not a jet-skiing day with 2 dogs on the vessel with me. :-) I had kept K2 to the side to avoid him accidentally getting stepped on or falling in the water. Soon after this video, I had to leave for 2 days due to an emergency. Hence, this was the storm before the storm. More on that story later.

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Saturday, August 22, 2020

K2 GSD German Shepherd "David" Taking On GSD "Goliath" Sweet Dog Kennedy...

K2 GSD German Shepherd "David" Taking On GSD "Goliath" Sweet Dog Kennedy Just 12 Hours After Being Brought Home - IMRAN™
There can be no better example of the playful, bold, and fun nature of puppy K2 vs the sweet, loving, and intelligent nature of Kennedy. K2 was literally 8 weeks old in this clip but completely fearless. This was also literally within 12 hours of us getting to Apollo Beach, Florida - his new home. Notice how Kennedy is both amused and playful, but also careful to not hurt the puppy.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Powerful Men Acting With The Wrong Head With Not-Worth-It Women Acting The Part For The Part - IMRAN™

Powerful Men Acting With The Wrong Head With Not-Worth-It Women Acting The Part For The Part - IMRAN™

Powerful and smart men lose their heads and their positions as heads of orgs when they act with their other heads even with "Are you kidding me, he was screwing Her?!" type women. From Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, to people like the ones mentioned here, men keep doing the part by doing the women who are doing them to get the part(s). 
Here is another of those stories, reported by Variety magazine. In this case, forgive my saying so, this barely tolerable, almost masculine-looking, and clearly "sleeping her way everywhere" woman was definitely not worth any of the idiots losing what they had built over their lifetimes. Plus the hurt they probably caused their families. That is just more men being more stupid than is necessary, IMHO. 

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Social Climber K2 Using Kennedy Family Name - IMRAN™

Social Climber K2 Using Kennedy Family Name To Move Up - IMRAN™
A puppy is so cute when climbing stairs as "social climber" K2 seems to be doing riding the (coat)tail(s) of the Kennedy (family) name. LOL. I do not want to flood my page and your newsfeed with too many photos and videos of my dogs, but I am only now starting to get to post the pending clips.
Are you enjoying them?

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

1 Minute Atlantic Ocean Addiction Fix At Fort Lauderdale Florida - IMRAN™

1 Minute Atlantic Ocean Addiction Fix At Fort Lauderdale Florida - IMRAN™
In less than a minute, you can enjoy the beautiful colors that make any ocean, particularly the Atlantic Ocean, especially in Florida, such a powerful and emotive experience. Handheld Nikon D850 DSLR video shot from my 10th-floor hotel room across a wide expanse of sand, roads, and hotel front space, but you can see the footprints in the sand!

© 2020 IMRAN™ 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bring On The End Of (Dark) Days, Let's Reach For These (Bright) Stars - IMRAN™

What an amazing time to be alive... despite CoronaVirus, and Dark Days Of Drumpf Nazism, and fascism inspired religious-bigotry-coated hate-mongering. Check out this amazing discovery, predicted by a scientist 40 years ago, made now by two private citizen stargazers.
Two stars that rotate around each other every 36 hours or so... Talk about zipping through space... But what is more incredible is how one of the stars, not a small rock, or comet, but an actual star, is a shape-shifter, likely responding to the attraction (gravity, in this case, nothing romantic or sexual, at least that I know of!) of the other.
What more will we be blessed to see discovered in our lifetimes? Assuming ignorant fools blowing off the threat of pandemics, or even bigger morons trying to hasten an "end of days", don't get us all killed. Vile power-grabbers or merely under-educated intellectually-challenged ones, spreading ignorance ad spewing hatred, instead of working together to solve world problems. But news like this shows us that we shall endure. 
Fortunately, there are many more people from all nations and all races, all creeds and all religions, working hard to ensure that we, as a race, the human race, not black, brown, white, yellow, purple, or any other color races, but as the single united human race, not only make this the greatest planet ever created by the Big Bang (and by the even bigger creator of bangs somewhere even further out there!) but even reach beyond the stars... to boldly go where no (hu)man has gone before. 
Now that is something all human hearts should pulse for, just like this newly discovered star. What do you think?

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First of its kind ‘teardrop’ star pulses with its own rhythm. What other kinds of wild star shapes are out there? - Popular Science