Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sorry NY Times, "Pakistan's Ménage à Trois" Is Really An S&M Orgy Of Rapists And Murderers On Board The Titanic

The New York Times today (June 22, 2012) published an article by Huma Yusuf, of the well respected Daily Dawn in Pakistan. The piece, titled Pakistan's Ménage à Trois, is a good summary of a bad situation... the political climate in Pakistan.

Every powerful institution is making a blatant power grab, while the common man is melting, literally, from 20 hour power failures. The country is blowing up, also literally, at the hands of the Taliban. They are bleeding to death at the hands of ethnic gangs and fundamentalists.

Without admitting to any experience of Ménage à Trois ;-) , I must sadly disagree with the writer or the newspaper calling Pakistan's political situation by that name....

A Ménage à Trois generally works best preferably with three very loving individuals, or at least two loving people with a third one they also have affection for, all willingly seeking a pleasurable experience which should delight all involved mutually, and provide possibly more than some fun to any onlooker, Peeping Tom, or voyeur.

In Pakistan what we are seeing, and wishing we weren't, is an S&M orgy -- with murderers and rapists  in attendance, wearing masks of faux sincerity, where, instead of overflowing passion, we have blood flowing on the streets, from Khyber to Karachi.

As I have written, and spoken about this on TV and radio,... Pakistan is like the Titanic that has hit several icebergs. But its captain, engine crew, and security personnel are all equally busy fighting over what chair they will sit in.

They fight over who is more sincere, even as they are stealing cutlery, fine china and anything else of value -- while the ship sinks and the passengers drown.

If James Cameron wants to make a much bigger disaster movie than Titanic, and with more weird looking characters than Avatar, that makes him see worse depths than his drop to the ocean floor, he should consider a documentary on The Abyss of Pakistan Politics. I bet he will want to send in The Terminator.

That is the sad, ugly, truth.

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