Monday, March 28, 2011

Reddish, (Sun)Set, G(l)o(w)! - IMRAN™

This picture, taken on the Western side of my home community, shows one of my favorite colors in the world filling the sky.

The sailboat masts and the dying last leaves on trees bowing to the coldness of impending winter are silhouetted by the fiery sun that feeds our planet energy.

A Reddish Ready Sunset is Set to Go Glow!

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PS Sorry, haven't posted pics since Feb 7. Been traveling for work non-stop. Posted this from Orlando where I came to make some speeches at HIMMS.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Can't See The Forest For The Trees. ForesTree - IMRAN™

Driving from Long Island, New York, to Hopkinton and Southborough, in Massachusetts, in late October, 2010, I saw one of the most vivid clear blue skies above me.

Zipping along on I-495 (which is numbered the same but completely separate from the I-495 Long Island Expressway that I use to get to my home in Long Island), in the Bellingham and Franklin areas, I saw an approaching clearing to the right of the road.

Though the side of the road was rutted from rains and wheels of trucks that may have passed over it, I was smoothly able to pull over.

This picture reminded me of the beauty one can find even in the stark days of Fall and approaching Winter.

And, it made me wonder, if a tree falls in a forest in Fall,..... but then I wondered, if I was looking at a scene of forestry, or ForesTree, or just a densely packed series of dull wood and bright reds and greens, which the Nikon D300 (with eq. 450mm handheld zoom) captured.

But, it did make it hard to see the forest for the trees.

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