Sunday, November 27, 2016

Autumn Weekend Motorcycle Ride To Marina Long Island New York - IMRAN™ (360° VR)

4K 360° Music Video! A quick music video with one of the tracks "Chocolate & Vanilla, Melting Into One" from my CD (nTrance, available on iTunes). Stunning autumn weather at Thanksgiving weekend on Long Island, New York. I took a quick motorcycle ride to the commercial marina next to my home community to test some gear. The Nikon KeyMission 360 has horrible rolling shutter even at low speeds, made worse by the useless GoPro clamp mount. The clamp is nice and tight but the plastic encased balled joints that make the flexible stand shake terribly and even worse, they slump after a few minutes of riding. Even the maxiumum setting attempt at reducing rolling shutter did not work, at least in iMovie. The video itself is a 4K SOOC clip with zero color editing of any kind. © 2016 IMRAN™ #IMRAN, #Motorcycle, #Riding, #Marina, #Boating, #Autumn, #LongIsland, #NewYork, #Thanksgiving, #Weather, #Lifestyle, #Music #Yamaha #R6

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sunset Flight Of The BumbleBee - IMRAN™ - (4k/UHD)

Be the first to see my new music video and hear the new single track I dropped today as soundtrack to this drone flight. Enjoy the 24 minutes flight (cut at 300% speed) fit into less than 4 minutes! Actual video is 4K. This is just a USB file recording playing on a TV at home during daytime so the colors are not as vivid as the real colors. NO color processing or filter of ANY kind. Like Love Comment & click Share! © 2016 IMRAN™

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Ideal Yachting Day At Apollo Beach Florida - IMRAN™ (4K)

Spectacular day for yachting on Tampa Bay in perfect Florida weather. A classy yacht passes by my home and jet ski on the dock as a white heron flies off but a seagull stays put on the jet ski lift. Light clouds and perfectly calm water shows just another day in blessed paradise in Apollo Beach. © 2016 IMRAN™

Monday, November 07, 2016

Shocking Pink Deep Blue Tranquility At Sunset - IMRAN™

An IMRAN™ Experience! Time Lapse 360° VR Music Video Of 2 Hours Tampa Bay Sunset In 30 Seconds. Watch in full view or enjoy the fully immersive 360 degrees virtual reality experience turning your device screen around up and down, left and right, full circle. Or use your fingers to swipe around.

 © 2016 IMRAN™

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Perfect Halloween Boating Day Tampa Bay & Last Sunset October 2016 - IMRAN™

It was Halloween but the water of Tampa Bay was eerie in its perfect stillness. The brilliant day gave way to another gorgeous dark night with a beautiful sunset as the perfect backdrop for a jet ski ride, return home, shutting down for the night and enjoying a surreal experience in full 360° VR panorama timelapse video set to an original theme I created "Dark Knight Night WaveRunner" inspired in part by a piece called "Putin's Demise" {which would be a great thing to happen in the real world!) by Basil P. Enjoy the full 360° panorama flat or interactive view as I will post it in both formats.

© 2016 IMRAN™