Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DO's, DOESN'Ts And DON'Ts, If You Love Grammar - IMRAN™

What a great photo this is that I just had to Share and comment on. I LOVE the photo for its tongue in cheek humor, implied sexuality, obvious voyeurism & exhibitionism and innuendo. Plus, I love the grammar lesson too that so many need. See the bottoms of the shoes.
Now we need a photo that explains the difference between DON'T and DOESN'T which so many people are too oblivious or don't seem to know. 
Even worse, some blame 'auto-correct' when, in fact, if they even type DOESNT without the apostrophe, auto-correct would fix that to DOESN'T.
As I always say, "Artificial Intelligence cannot fix Natural Stupidity!"  Siri can't fix Lazy, Stupid or UnderEducated. :-)
The funny thing is how native English speakers would make fun of foreigners or foreign-born people, especially low-income immigrants, for their accents or supposed poor English.
These days it is foreign-born people who still speak proper English compared to the bast majority of my fellow Americans. On top of that, almost every year it is always immigrant minority kids that win major spelling competitions.
I do not see things getting any better for the standards of education, including English, what to say of Maths and Science, with Donald Trump in the White House and his ignorance-embracing mindset and policies that make George W. Bush seem like a genius.
What do you think?
Imran Anwar
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Monday, June 12, 2017

Florida Boating Jet Skiing Tubing Fun & Wipeout Music Video 4K - IMRAN™

Florida Boating Jet Skiing Tubing Fun & Wipeout Music Video 4K - IMRAN™
I was relaxing on Memorial Day Weekend, when I saw a group of friends on a boat and jet ski with a tube in tow appear from the left. I clicked to record what I figured would be a fun thing to watch happening. And it sure was. Enjoy this music video I made using my "Start At 'The End'" music track first released with a 360° Montauk New York driving video. Watch for the tubing fun and the wipeout! Enjoy the boats going by showing why Apollo Beach is such a great place to enjoy life on the water.

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