Sunday, August 23, 2020

Storm Before The Storm - IMRAN™

Storm Before The Storm - IMRAN™
It is ironic, and purely coincidental, that I am posting this video of a storm passing through Tampa Bay on April 20, 2020, today on August 23, 2020, when not one but two hurricanes are going to hit the Gulf of Mexico. It is just the timing of my catching up to pending posts and stories of K2's new life with me.
It is actually the saved video of a FaceBook livestream I had done from the dock. There was a storm raging and I had gone for a walk with Kennedy and the puppy K2. On returning home, I took them both to the dock. I captured this video of the rolling waves, and of Kennedy barking at the waves thinking there were dolphins inside them.
This was definitely not a jet-skiing day with 2 dogs on the vessel with me. :-) I had kept K2 to the side to avoid him accidentally getting stepped on or falling in the water. Soon after this video, I had to leave for 2 days due to an emergency. Hence, this was the storm before the storm. More on that story later.

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