Monday, March 22, 2021

Renegade Serenade - First Cut (Untitled Album) - IMRAN™

Renegade Serenade (First Cut) - Untitled Album - IMRAN™
Been too busy (or lazy? LOL) to do anything since I released my first album "nTrance" in 2003-2004. Catch that on Spotify at . 
Over the years I started work on many new tracks, but have not had time to put them together into a new album. I am finally getting around to giving it more time. 
Check out this first take on one I call Renegade Serenade. Work in progress, and it has not been given any editing, mixing, or mastering treatment at all. 
One sound is jarring because the real synth for that track is my Korg in New York so the placeholder instrument sound is a bit too loud and clashing. But, as I said, just a first take... Enjoy. 

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