Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Childish Posturing By Pakistan & USA Endangers Both

Obama says, Pakistan Review of Ties Should Respect US Security Needs http://j.mp/HcIIEt . Pakistan's lawmakers (and many civilians want to blow off the USA.

Both postures are dumb.

Karachi (soon followed by Pakistan) went on the path of self-destruction when it could have been the next Hong Kong and Dubai combined.

That was done by the vile dictator Zia setting up the murderous MQM, instigating religious intolerance, terrorism and ethnic strife that was rare in Pakistan in the 1970s.

It is silly of Obama and the US lawmakers to ask Pakistan to decide their policies based on US security concerns when the US blows off Pakistan's security concerns. Ignoring Kashmir is one of the worst moves Obama made (not that previous presidents did anything on that topic).

It is also dumb of Pakistan to expect to remain a basket case economy, torn by strife and domestic issues, and be surprised the US did not take it into consideration in killing the repulsive killer Osama Bin Laden.

Both countries need to be slapped into waking up and dealing with the issues like adult states, not pouting teenagers.

Imran Anwar

Monday, March 26, 2012

Seas, Family, Droppin' Sun Ode To Swiss Family Robinson - IMRAN™

Many of you will recall the story of Swiss Family Robinson, shipwrecked on an island and having to face some tough challenges.

Because of a very complicated phase of my life in the last three years (in which I basically lost almost everything I had built and acquired,, I did not get a chance to return to Florida until recently. I had missed being in the Tiara, I believe the tallest building on sand, that housed the delightful second (third really if you count Lahore and New York) home I was blessed with having. But, for too many years I had not returned to the building, or even to the area.

Finally, I did, on March 13, 2012 . Taking this photo with the Nikon D300, from the balcony I took some gorgeous shots with my then delightful Nikon 5700 reminded me again why I love Palm Beach and Singer Island so much.

The stunning colors of the water, changing shdes of blue in front of your eyes, changing hues as passing clouds and time of day change light conditions.

As I focused my camera to about 500 feet below and away from my balcony, I noticed how the sun, setting behind my shoulder was casting a reddish glow on the already rich toned skins of this family… hopefully not facing the challenges of Swiss Family Robinson and instead making this moment one of Seas, Family, Droppin' Sun!

I am certain you will love the moment as much as I did.

© 2012 IMRAN

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Saw Orlando Bloom. Seriously! - IMRAN™

This iPhone 4S photo, taken at just past 4AM, after a long night of driving, waiting for the gates to open at Orlando Airport, during my recent Florida trip, is being posted more for word play than artistic merit. But, I hope you will enjoy it all the same.

After completing almost 2500 miles of driving along the entire Florida coast, I drove late into the night to arrive at the airoport several hours too early for my 7AM flight.

Since the security gates weren't open to go to the airline gates area, I had to pass time in the spacious terminal.

I saw several Disney character figures displayed there, including Snow White… a testament to the traffic the theme parks generate.

But I saw nothing, at least where I looked, from Pirates of the Caribbean, another Disney franchise.

Though I did not see Johnny Depp, I did find something to remind me of another well known actor in that movie series… this flower at the airport…. an Orlando Bloom, literally! :-)

© 2012 IMRAN

Friday, March 16, 2012

Haze Engulfs Gulf Sun, Bird Dives To Devour Prey At Sunset - IMRAN™ [SOOC]

SOOC. Image colors absolutely unedited and untouched. (Only frame and titles added in Photoshop with 1.8 degree straightening). Just a 4MB JPG from the Nikon D300 at ISO200 0EV f/13 1/640 seconds 170 mm zoom handheld shot.

I have been coming to Florida since I moved to USA in 1989. But I had never been to the Gulf coast. In 2012 I decided to embark on a nearly 3 weeks long trip driving along the entire Florida coastline.

I flew from Long Island into Orlando and started there. I first drove to Cape Canaveral as a salute to those who have traveled much further than I can imagine traveling. From a trip to the NASA turf, I moved on, going on from Merritt Island, and Titusville, I drove North to Jacksonville, then West all the way across the state's width to the edge near Alabama.

Then, I headed East again... I drove along the coastal highway, everywhere from Pensacola, Navarre Beach, Destin, Panama City Beach, Carrabelle, Crawfordville, Deadman's Bay and Steinhatchee, the Cedar Key area, on to New Port Richey, Tampa Bay, and Apollo Beach.

I went by Naples on to the Keys (where I have flown to before and posted pictures of) and then on to attend a great party in Miami for the weekend. Miami was my third home for about 3 years until my Father's death in Pakistan.

I then went to Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach (see the YouTube video at youtube.com/imrananwar ) & then on to Palm Beach (dinner and shopping are unmatched on Worth Avenue) and on to my favorite second-home place - Singer Island. (Some of my earliest photos on Flickr are from my 37th floor condo balcony there). I then drove back up to Merritt Island, past Stuart and Hutchinson Island (where I had started my second-US-home search 10 years ago, before buying on Singer Island), finally completing my more than 2 weeks and more than 2000 miles full coastal trip of Florida.

This was my first sunset capture on the Gulf of Mexico. I was driving along the coastal highway (98) after seeing some Blue Angels fly by, as I watched USAF fighter jets practice high speed chases while other jets flew around behind me at Tyndall Air Force Base. My FaceBook status update says it best....

2 Blue Angels pass me tree level port side, 2 USAF fighters heading straight at me Tyndall Air Force Base & I just saw F15 bank hard starboard behind me!.... I have visual. iPhone is active. Switching to Nikon. Nikon active. Flipping to auto. In range. Beep! Beep! [whirring]... I have Focus. I have tone. I have lock. I shoot! Got him! Shoot again... Got both.... Awesome! This Maverick is heading home!

(Sorry, I'm a kid when it comes to planes especially Air Force!)

After that aerial excitement, it was time to continue my land based journey along the waters of the United States' Gulf coast.

As I approached Mexico Beach, I realized that the sun would set soon. It did not look like a particularly exciting day for a sunset, seemingly too clear, with no clouds. But I remembered how the best sunset photo I ever took in my life was taken on a very boring day in Miami.

So, I pulled over, went to a local food place, grabbed a sandwich, with a soda, and settled in on the beach. A light haze was visible in the distance. I took my iPhone 4S, the Nikon 6200 and the wonderful Nikon D300 expecting an average sunset, and almost tempted to leave when it appeared to only show typical light yellowish overexposed skies about 30 minutes prior to the full sunset. But, I chose to stay on, sacrificing some coastal scenery in the drive ahead of me, for an instinctive feeling that something special could still happen.

Little did I know that the almost invisible layer of haze would lead to one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever captured, as it almost turned into a black frame around the sun. This is the moment I was able to capture.... the Haze enGulfing the sun as a bird prepared to plunge into the Gulf waters to catch and devour its prey, as the day fell victim to the swooping night. Sun/Bird… enGulf & Devour.

© 2012 IMRAN

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stunning Ocean & Beach Day At Pompano Beach Florida - IMRAN™

Enjoy this stunning "winter" day at Pompano Beach fishing pier in Florida. Check out Lighthouse Point and the pelican sunning it's wings. Please view in full size / HD to enjoy the stunning colors. Stunning colors captured by the iPhone 4S, placed into iMovie on iPhone and uploaded without any kind of color editing or processing.