Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Democrats Need To Wipe Their Servers Clean, of Clintons - IMRAN™

I do not belong to any political party. I vote on issues, not parties, not personalities. Never in history  have I seen such a group of unelectable & undeserving candidates, Democrats  & Republicans , for US Presidential elections !

I appreciated the Clinton Presidency (except for his sleazy behavior in the White House with Monica Lewinsky ). I originally liked George W. Bush  for not being as slick as the Democratic candidates and believed it was time for change. I could not believe America elected Bush a second term and let him do so much damage to the USA and the world. I voted for Obama , though he has been a big disappointment in the second term so far.

I think it is time for change, but when I look at the Republican candidates I find it hard to believe such a large field with so little to offer. But then I look at the scary front runner on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton, and I get equally worried.

Much that I dislike many of the Republican candidates, I truly cannot like this woman, and would not trust her. I could still see her winning if the Republicans did not get their house in order. But with this non-stop display of being over-clever and actually doing more and more stupid things, Hillary  may become Democrats' liability if they keep all their eggs in her basket.

The Clintons got away with an unexplained murder (supposed suicide) of Vince Foster. They got away with other scandals. But her hubris and sense of entitlement to run top secret national security related emails through a private email server apparently kept in a bathroom is beyond dumb. And to make stupider jokes about it and to think only the media cares about the issue of these emails, when the FBI itself is investigating a potentially criminal lapse, is almost like her behaving evil like Dick Cheney  but coming across looking dumb like George W. Bush.

Her latest comment, which was also reported by the Washington Post, about not knowing what wiping a server clean means, suggests “I did not know about it” would be a common excuse for national blunders and scandals if she ever got elected to the White House.

Her making a joke about SnapChat  automatically deleting emails, in reference to her mishandling top secret national documents and emails, was ridiculous and shameful. It would have been as if Bill Clinton was making a speech in reference to the Monica Lewinsky affair, which got him impeached and almost thrown out of office, and joked about the Ashley Madison sex site hacking scandal.

Wake up my Democrat friends. Your situation is no better than the Republicans’, whose candidates I will discuss in other postings.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jumping Jacks! Dragons Fly! - IMRAN™

Jumping Jacks! Fish & Dragons Fly in real life. Dragonflies hover in air as bunch of fish leap from stunningly tranquil glass-like flat clear as bathtub water Tampa Bay waters in Florida right now! Each ripple is a fish jumping and falling back in the water. St. Petersburg shines across the bay, seen from my home in Apollo Beach.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meteor Shower - IMRAN™

Meteor Shower - IMRAN™
Just the sight of one of last night’s shooting stars inspired me to type out this poem on my Twitter app at 3AM today standing under the majestic moonless dark night sky.
As I stepped out of the house to soak in the Perseids meteor shower, one of the longest shooting stars I have ever seen streaked across the night sky right in front of me. Then another one sliced the dark night in its final but most glorious moment.
I wondered at how insignificant we are, and yet what great and significant lives we are blessed to have an opportunity to live, like gold dust from the heavens, shining uniquely for all eternity, once and only once, until we are gone, from this earth, but then to become parts of the specs of God’s dust in the ground below and the heavens above.

 O streaking band 
 Of meteoric light 
 A gold dust rain 
 Each shiny grain 
 Of universal sand 
 Cosmic gift grand 
 Flung in fiery flight 
 From God's hand!

 - Imran Anwar
August 13, 2015.
Apollo Beach, Florida

 © 2015 IMRAN

Friday, August 07, 2015

Massacre 12 Get Life, Kill 3 Get Death, Kill Unarmed Black Man & Walk Free!

Shame on those spineless and shameless members of the jury who opposed the death penalty in the  # Colorado terrorist movie theater massacre murderer trial. They gave him a taxpayer funded life sentence instead of the death penalty.

Here is the lesson that teaches us about the way justice is being served. Massacre 12 People Get Life Sentence, Kill 3 And Get Death Sentence. Kill an unarmed black man on video by choking him to death, or shooting a black kid, and walk scot free.

The younger Boston bomber caused fewer deaths but was declared a  # terrorist The 3 white Christian guys planning terror attacks to massacre US troops arrested in NC were NOT called terrorists, by the  # FBI  or the shameless  # media

But the TN shooter at the marines recruitment center was declared a terrorist, probably because he also was a  # Muslim .

They should all be called Terrorist and treated accordingly, and, when found guilty, put to death for carrying out attacks on Americans which terrorize the public.

Enough with the dual standards about applying the label of  # terrorism  only on  # Muslims . Enough with the  # hypocrisy . Enough with coddling murderers with life sentences while their innocent victims never had a chance to live their full lives.

Firing squads for anyone whose actions lead to the random killing of 4 or more people.

That way someone in a liquor store hold up who kills 2-3 people planned or unplanned is dealt with for murder and manslaughter. But anyone who plans an attack with the intent of killing people at random is treated as a terrorist. Period. Firing Squad.

If someone murders a cop who is performing his duty, then that should lead to the death penalty too. And it should also apply to bad cops who murder unarmed people and put decent cops’ lives in greater danger. 

What do you think?

Monday, August 03, 2015

FowERotica: Flower Erotica - IMRAN™

FowERotica: Flower Erotica - IMRAN™

This gorgeous Florida flowers photo was just too good not to post. Yes you do have a dirty mind :-)  … because beautiful flowers do grow in the dirt. Yes it does look like some sort of X-rated inter-“racial" intimacy. How beautiful is that! What can be more beautiful than chocolate covering vanilla and filling it with cream? :-) LOL The aroused engorged green probing parting pushing penetrating the tender pinkish petals opening as a purple nub yearns to be brought to ecstasy. Hey, I don't know what you're thinking. I'm describing two potted plants here! OK OK, so I saw the plants and had the idea, so I did move the plants a little bit closer at the Home Depot. :-) Sort of like doing an intimate photo shoot in a public place. :-) :-)

© 2015 IMRAN

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Butterfly / Butterfly Bush - IMRAN™

Butterfly / Butterfly Bush - IMRAN™

Not long after I had built my blessed home on Long Island, I was at a Home Depot in the area and picked up two small butterfly bush plants. They were barely six inches tall each. I am so glad I planted them because not they are nearly twelve feet tall, reaching up to my upper deck. In summer their aroma always makes me stop to smell the non-roses, and at the height of the season they are surrounded by Monarch and other butterflies. This is a half crop of a 14MB original RAW file from my now 7 years old Nikon D300.

© 2015 IMRAN™