Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Bring On The End Of (Dark) Days, Let's Reach For These (Bright) Stars - IMRAN™

Bring On The End Of (Dark) Days, Let's Reach For These (Bright) Stars - IMRAN™
What an amazing time to be alive... despite CoronaVirus, and Dark Days Of Drumpf Nazism, and fascism-inspired religious-bigotry-coated hate-mongering. Check out this amazing discovery, predicted by a scientist 40 years ago, made now by two private citizen stargazers.
Two stars that rotate around each other every 36 hours or so... Talk about zipping through space... But what is more incredible is how one of the stars, not a small rock, or comet, but an actual star, is a shape-shifter, likely responding to the attraction (gravity, in this case, nothing romantic or sexual, at least that I know of!) of the other.
What more will we be blessed to see discovered in our lifetimes? Assuming ignorant fools blowing off the threat of pandemics, or even bigger morons trying to hasten an "end of days", don't get us all killed. Vile power-grabbers or merely under-educated intellectually-challenged ones, spreading ignorance ad spewing hatred, instead of working together to solve world problems. But news like this shows us that we shall endure.
Fortunately, there are many more people from all nations and all races, all creeds and all religions, working hard to ensure that we, as a race, the human race, not black, brown, white, yellow, purple, or any other color races, but as the single united human race, not only make this the greatest planet ever created by the Big Bang (and by the even bigger creator of bangs somewhere even further out there!) but even reach beyond the stars... to boldly go where no (hu)man has gone before.
Now that is something all human hearts should pulse for, just like this newly discovered star. What do you think?

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