Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Serene Sunset Smith Point Beach NY - IMRAN™

As Hurricane Irene became a recent distant memory, and as the sun set on Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, a sweet serene sunset spoke of peace, of man, nature and nation, at Smith Point Beach, Long Island, NY. It soon gave way to a stunning, moonless, starry night, with the Milky Way so clear it made you think it was a strand of light clouds. Happy Eid Mubarak to my fellow Muslims, and Peace to all.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soar Winger - IMRAN™

It was Christmas Day, sunset. It was my late mother's birth anniversary, whom I lost 20 years ago, aged just about 51.

It was just a few days after the sudden passing away of my beloved Father, who lived 17 years after her, and never married again. He visited her grave to spread rose petals on it, to the end of his days, even when he had to be physically carried there after being paralyzed by a massive stroke.

I stood at the spot on Smith Point Bridge where he and I had gone, during his 1996 visit to me. I had been going through a difficult time in my life. And, he was there for me.

As I stand alone facing far greater challenges, deep crises and troubles, all coming together in my life at the same time, I look at this photograph and think of what my parents always taught me.

Always look up. Always look forward. Never be a sore loser, nor an ungracious winner. Fly as high as your dreams take you. Soar, Winger.

Your deepest prayers appreciated for the souls of my beloved parents, and for me to overcome the many crises I face all at the same time. Thank you.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cats Align A(n) Island, Not Catalina Island - IMRAN™

My 38th Photo to make it in Flickr Explore on July 6, 2011!

Tahiti and many other places remain on my list of places to go with someone special in my life one day, but until now, The British Virgin Islands, especially the waters and beaches of Tortola and the Baths at Virgin Gorda remain the most amazing I have seen, savored and soaked into my soul.

These catamarans and sailboats are soaking in the sun and were aligned with each other and an island in the distance.

Though I have not been to Catalina Island, the word play was to oeasy to pass up...

Cats Align An Island, Not Catalina Island.

I am certain the tranquil scenery and stunning colors will tempt you to put these places I have been blessed to go also on your list of places to visit.

Travel Far, But Never Forget Home!

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Odd Man And The Sea - IMRAN™

My 37th Photo to make it in Flickr Explore on June 20, 2011!

No color editing or processing of any kind, no filters. Photo, taken from top deck of moving boat, had to be straightened in Photoshop. Click photo to see detail!

As the humming engines got me underway over the waters of the Long Island Sound, I saw a sole figure in the distance. The odd man out(doors). One man, an odd figure (i.e. not an even number :-) ).

A fisherman, who had braved the waters, slippery rocks, currents and tides for the perfect catch. As the accelerating boat, figure and sun came in line, I held on with one hand on the railing, and got my perfect catch... this photo (except having to straighten it :-( ), taken at a 450mm Zoom, handheld, with only one chance before the moment would be like "the one that got away" in fishermen's stories...

Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1250), Aperture f/18.0, Focal Length 300/450 mm, ISO Speed 320...

I See. Clicker, Tuna/er, Snapper... Caught! The Odd Man And The Sea!

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Friday, August 05, 2011

I Drop To Focus On Drop Focus - IMRAN™

My 36th Photo to make it in Flickr Explore on June 14, 2011!

Walking around the house after a mid-May rain shower, I saw these flowers my neighbor planted.

I dropped to my knees, in the wet grass, and focused on getting the drop in focus and the rest out of focus. I did not want to drop my focus on a drop focus effect.

I got it even better than I could imagine. Stare at it, and that drop of water looks like 3D.

Photo is as taken by the Nikon D300, not softened in any computer program.

© 2011 IMRAN™