Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh God! I Can't Believe It, You Have Faith?

I am a Muslim. I posted a reply to a bunch of people who were on a mailing list that sent me a "news" item forwarded email that some Dutch Doctor had "proven" how saying Allah's name to patients cured them or some such story.


"Perhaps it is the WEAKNESS of our faith in our own FAITH of Islam that we read stories like this and somehow feel "better" about believing in Allah. The fact of the matter is that a most comprehensive study has shown that patients who were PRAYED FOR actually had WORSE results than the ones NOT prayed for. This can be looked up on the Internet.

Fact of that matter is, if I believe in Allah, it is and should be because I BELIEVE in Allah, not because someone emails us a story saying this or that urban legend makes Allah more believable. What do you think?

PLUS, if someone has contact info on this professor, I will be happy to interview him. Any info?



I shared the discussion points above on a religion (ALL religion) bashing newsgroup where someone wondered how I could believe in God by just believing... that is, when it can't be scientifically proven that there is a God.


"I am hardly a religious person to be discussing a defence of religion, but Yes, I believe in Allah/God/One "being"/power/force/entity (not a white bearded dude who had to rest after six days and needs humans to kill other humans) because I CHOOSE to BELIEVE. That is the whole point.

Not lobbing an insult, but do you know if your mother gave birth to you from your father or from any man she knew? Do you BELIEVE that or do you KNOW that because you had a DNA test done on your father and you? So, yes, today science allows you to test whether he is your father or not but for centuries of human existence atheists, while decrying others' religious BELIEFS, were probably living their whole life BELIEVING their father was their real father even when it was NOT true, nor could they prove it. The point is, everyone believes in some things, has something the put their faith in... their mother, their father, their girlfriend or wife not sleeping around.... they do it as BELIEF and FAITH, not because they have a private investigator giving them daily reports of fidelity.

So, regarding God, I believe.

I BELIEVE because it is my BELIEF and FAITH, though I cannot prove it, nor do I TRY to prove it but choose to believe it. If I had a notarized document from the FBI (can't trust CIA's slam dunk proofs!) PROVING there is a God, whose calls the NSA is moninting, it would NOT be FAITH or BELIEF, instead it would be KNOWLEDGE.

Sure, after I die my new-found post-mortem KNOWLEDGE may prove my BELIEF was misplaced and there is no God, nothing, an emptiness forever... so, fine, what did it cost me to believe? Nothing. How much of my brain CPU %age did it take? 0.00001% unless I become a priest whose every brain CPU second (when not raping little boys) is used up by religion.

If you're happy not believing in anything, that's fine by me. Anyone wanting to kill you for that can go to hell... but, you can''t really tell them that, because you don't believe in that. :-)


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Real Progress In Iraq & Afghanistan

News items show that more US troops are needed not just for Iraq but for BAGHDAD, and this comes straight from George Bush and Maliki the Iraqi Prime Minister.

After nearly 5 years in one place and 3 in another the only place the "elected" governments of Afghanistan and Iraq functioned in were "green zones" of their capitals, and now even those need MORE US troops.

Sounds like real progress.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Mix Religion, Politics; Watch World War III Start

Imran Anwar states his position on religion and politics, and where Muslims, Jews and Christians are playing with fire. Don't miss the part about George W. Bush having visions of being a prophet of God, while Zionazis kill Christians and Muslims in Lebanon and Palestine. Even evil, corrupt, Arab dictators are being more fair and balanced than the USA government and media.

Listen and comment!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Question God, But Not Israel

Imran Anwar questions how, in America, we can question anything, anyone, even question the existence of God,.... but better not dare question anything Israel and the Zionazis do.

Did you hear the radio commentary?

Israel and Zionazis use US funded "defense-use" aircraft to kill, using them to drop bombs on civilians in neighboring countries. American media and politicians worship the God of Israel and its lobby, selling out American interests to enhance Israeli interests. Shameful. What do you think?