Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiss Silent Lover's Tear Drop, Sunrise Rose Drops Dew Drop

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, tweaking, of ANY kind. Only framed in Photoshop & saved 13MB RAW image as 3.5MB JPG.

As a night owl, I love the night, which, as Patti Smith's rendition of a song originally by Bruce Springsteen reminds us, belongs to lovers.

I consider anything before 10 AM to be an early morning event. It's something I have no control over, since I was a child. No matter what country or time zone I am in, within a day or two I will fall into the opposite of what normal human beings consider the sleep-wake cycle! Maybe because at heart, I am an eternal lover, seeking the eternal embrace of love and lovers deep in the nights lovers love, before the eternal night takes us apart physically but melds us together, soul to soul, in eternity, and in books and romance novels, forever.

It was June 21, 2010, the longest day of sunlight hours for the year. So, this 1015AM morning photograph of the rose, shining in the NY summer morning sunlight, is an "early morning" shot for me. Sunrise Rose Drops Dew Drop seemed appropriate.

I stepped out, blinking, in the bright sunlight. It was warm, so most of the dew had already disappeared.

But, as if the rose, soft, pink, beautiful, coming into its bloom, was yet spent, from crying, waiting for me to return to it in the early morning hours, after a long night awake, far away from it.

It's sorrow now absorbed, the last lone tear drop dew drop dropping from it's soft pink skin, like a single pearl gift to remind me, that, though surrounded, sometimes protected, sometimes stung, by thorns, it would never cease to wait for me to come, to touch, to caress it's petal lips, still moist from the night's passionate waiting, and for me to tell it...

"I am here, and I will always find you beautiful, adore you as you bud, madly love you as you bloom, cherish you as you mature, and savor every bit of you with every one of my senses for the time we have together or apart...."

And, in response, the last tear, the long night, forgotten, its petals open more, more pink, more luscious, more engorged with the beauty of life, the juices of increasing lust, the passion of blooming love, inviting to be plucked yet kept close to my heart, on my lapel.

Don't give up, my love, don't stop waiting. I will be there. I will come. I will take you and make you mine, as you know you are and have always yearned to be.

I'm here, my beloved, my rose. Open for me, my beautiful love, your pink petal folds. Let me pluck you, then hold you, embrace you. Let me drown in your aroma, feel the glide of your texture. Let me soak in your moisture, your essence, your presence, into my soul....

No more lone, lonely, teardrops.

© 2010 IMRAN

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daze, End At Day's End

In Explore, July 28, 2010! SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, sharpening, tweaking, of ANY kind. (Only frame and titles added in Photoshop). Just a 5MB JPG from the Nikon D300 at 1/640 seconds 450 mm eq zoom −1.3eV handheld shot.

Photographed at literally the same spot as the previous fireworks shot.

Taken on a winter day of 30-50 miles per hour winds, that brought with them wind chills on top of the cold weather moving through. But what the wind brought in coldness, it took away in pollution from the air.

I braved the wind to walk out onto the beach at my home in East Patchogue and catch the most amazing sunset colors --- made more spectacular by the clarity of the air.

That is Robert Moses Causeway Bridge, literally 17.23 MILES (27+ km) from where I stood and took the picture on my beach.

On a clear day you can see forever.
On clear nights you can see eternity.
On a windy blustery day, you can see
From nearby beach to far distant sea
How magic of sunsets, cold, wintry,
Flows with time, light, like a river.
Bold dreams, clear visions, no haze
From start of daze to end of days.

Words, photo & poem
© 2009-2010 IMRAN

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fly Eye-Popping Popping Cherries Fireworks Fireballs

Fly Eye-Popping Popping Cherries Fireworks Fireballs - IMRAN™

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, sharpening, tweaking, of ANY kind. Only framed in Photoshop & saved 14MB RAW image as 6MB JPG.

After the stunning nearly 3D quality Eye-Popping Popping Cherries, I felt it best to present something so different and so similar at the same time.

Around the same time those cherries were popping in bright cherry red and budding orange tones before ripening, almost exactly the same colors of eye popping fireballs were filling the skies on my beach at home, as the stunning Fourth of July Fireworks lit up Fire Island and the Great South Way, visible to mariners on the Atlantic Ocean as well.

The sharp and beautifully balanced cherry and orange colors of these fireballs in the sky are a perfect contrast to the Cherries photo.

NO editing done to this picture. 10 seconds f/8 expsoure on tripod at 450mm zoom equiv. with ISO 100.


© 2010 IMRAN

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Almost 3D? Aye, I Eye Eye-Popping Popping Cherries

I love popping cherries. The fresh luster of new life, budding with promises of fresh tastes and dripping with juicy delights.

George Washington would be proud. I cannot tell a lie. I did NOT cut the cherry tree.

Instead, I planted this hybrid cherry tree a few years ago. It has 4 different kinds growing on the same plant. I planted it next to my deck (too close to it, I suspect, if it grows too large). It was bought at Home Depot in my area.

Yes, I get lucky, with my camera and even with plants :-) . The flower beds where I planted it still have pebbles and rocks the lazy builder had not bothered to remove 16 years ago, when the house was built. So, after shoveling hard, I found it nearly impossible to get to the required or recommended depth for this planter. I did the best I could.

The next few years, the plant grew, from about 2 feet to about 5 feet tall, without any contribution from me except ensuring the sprinkler system did not fail. This year was the first that it delighted me with eye-popping cherries, which I enjoyed eating right off the plant (as did some birds, you can tell!) and sharing with neighbors.

To take this photo I stepped on my deck furniture and stood precariously on the deck railing looking down and sideways at the plant. I wanted to get a view of the red and orange fruit with the rich green grass in the background below it.

What was stunning about this photo (25% crop of a 14MB RAW image) was how shiny bright the cherry was. Even at the relatively lower detailed cropped version here, you can see my white shirt reflecting ON the fruit! Even the green (post bloom Spirea) bush growing under the tree is actually reflected on the red cherry if you look at it in large size! Look hard at the reflections on the cherry and you almost feel that dizzying 3D sensation.

Yes, I Love Eye-Popping Popping Cherries.

© 2010 IMRAN

PS I am playing with 3D photos too but not posting here. If you have those cheesy 3D red/blue shades, take a 3D look at my living room.







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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Frozen Stick(y) (R)ice

I have to admit, except for occasionally liking Pakistani rice-based desserts called Kheer or Firni, usually served at weddings (with almonds or pistachios garnish), or at street corner carts there, I am not a big fan of rice or rice pudding. So, I don't even know much about Frozen Sticky Rice as a food item.

But, back in early 2004, when I was driving, at the height of winter, from my NY home to my nearly tropical oceanfront 37th floor, Singer Island, Florida, condo, I literally pulled over to the side of the road when I saw this scene.

Somewhere between New York and Washington, DC, this frozen lake with dead tree stumps sticking out of it, were glistening in the nippy winter air. At that time my 2MP Minolta Dimage X was pretty cutting edge.

Though Minolta is now defunct (and their camera business bought by Sony), that camera had one of the most intricate prism and lens systems built-in, enabling actual physical rather than digital zooming, but with no protruding lens. The entire mechanism was inside the camera body and the prism turned light so the zooming lens was moving vertically inside the camera body. Somehow, that camera (and an iPod 30GB of that time) were either lost on a Southwest flight, or are sitting in some old pants pockets somewhere in my home and I can't find them since!

In any case, though not comparable to the typical 6-13 MP images I post, this delectable rice-colored image seemed like quite a lovely trip down frozen memories lane.

Frozen Stick(y) (R)ice seemed a perfect title for this photograph taken along either I-95 or the maybe the Parkway. (Map location shown is a wild guess).

© 2004-2010 IMRAN

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Four Horse(No)Men Of Paradise

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are characters in Biblical stories, towards the end of the New Testament compilation period. Wikipedia explains how it is an anthology of stories written at different times by different authors around 2 centuries after Christ's time. The Four Horsemen represent things like pestilence and death, so it is ironic one of most stunning photos of the world's most beautiful seascape I took was just a few miles from the above spot.

While those stories' four horsemen are not characters I'm looking forward to meeting, these four horses with no men were photographed with a pocket Nikon S1 during a beautiful trip to Harbour Island, before Christmas 2007. This was taken lounging on the beach outside the really world class hotel there, Coral Sands, at Dunmore Town, on the island of Eleuthera. This truly is one of the loveliest beaches in the world, in the heavenly islands of the Bahamas, right here on earth, in the Caribbean.

One of the horses had literally rolled himself in the soft pink talcum powder soft sands (not exaggerating, that is how soft the sand is) with the backdrop of the powder blue sky, shiny wet turquoise waters gently rolling in from the East - while the setting sun to the West, over my shoulder, cast a reddish glow on them, and drew pictures on the sand almost looking like the Batman symbol.

Structurally it was interesting how the photo got split into accurate thirds, halves, and even how accurately (though quite by chance) the horses are framed exactly within the space of the wet/dry sand line and the edge line of the white surf with turquoise sea.

Definitely a place to lounge away romantic days and gentle loving moonlit nights, and one I hope to return to one day, for more horseplay and other plays :-)

© 2007-2010 IMRAN

loc: 25.4982,-76.6310

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sun Sets On Set Of Birds. Sun. Birds


This was taken the week of my father's passing and into the new year.

As the sun set on a lifetime of memories, of both my beloved parents gone into the night, this set of birds were soaring and savoring what remained of the time available to them, before it too passed into memories of another day, another life.

© 2009-2010

Image SOOC. No editing or color changes or cropping, simply added frame and titles in Photoshop.


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Bud (Light)'s For You!

SOOC Straight out of camera, stunning Nikon D300 RAW image simply framed in Photoshop with *NO* editing or processing of any kind. Saved as 4MB JPG from 14MB original at ISO640, f/5.6, eV+1, 0.02 seconds,

So you can imagine the stunning bright green background and soft pink shades the Nikon D300 captured (I wrote this on June 26, 2010) at the side of my home.

From the previous pink on black Hearts On Fire(works) sky photo, this is a nice transition to a pink heart shaped rose bud with green details nearly matching the slightly overexposed green grass of the ground with more flaring pink in the background.

My immediate neighborhood is like what Palestine could be with Peace in the Middle East. As a Muslim American I am blessed with amazing neighbors (Catholics on one side, Jews on the other!), who're as sincere and caring to me, if not more, than many real family cousins!

As a matter of fact, this bud in bright summer morning light is a reminder of neighbors, friends, buddies who are a light in one's daily life. I don't drink but, my dear neighbors, "This Bud (Light)'s For You!"

As I was saying, I have no conflict with them but let's just say we could have had a "War Of The Roses"! One of my neighbors, who is big time into gardening, always says how she has no luck with Roses. I, despite my not being into gardening, other than planting and forgetting, seem to be quite lucky with roses in particular.

I guess I win this war of the roses and celebrate victory with a bokeh of roses. ;-) After all, as Shakespeare would have said, what we call a rose does smell as sweet even in a neighbor's flowerbeds!

God willing, when things get better, I will plan to plant more beautiful flowers around my home, because it has been a while since I did that.

In the meantime, this rose, planted several years ago, continues to be a source of immense pleasure and gentle beauty. I take in its sensual aromas when I stop by to smell it every night when I go for a walk. And it is a source of beautiful photo opportunities like this one.

I hope you enjoyed the photo and the thoughts it brought to mind.

© 2010 IMRAN


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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Freedom & Love. Hearts On Fire(Works)

Freedom and Love. That's all I've always needed to keep the fire alive in my heart, mind, body and soul, and what I have always been blessed with.

Fighting against dictators and speaking against hate-filled killers in power in both my homelands.
Spreading love in the arms of cherished lovers and whispering gently words of freedom, liberty, desire and passion into listening ears of followers, friends and fellow passionate lovers of love in all my lifetimes with my loves for life.

Freedom from tyranny, with love of country and my countrymen.
Freedom from sorrow and unfulfilled lives, with love of my cherished beloveds.

Coming together in the night as burning matchsticks and fireworks-filled hearts and souls, yearning to explode together in the night for all to see and hear. Explosive, brilliant, beautiful, uniquely colorful each in their own right, in their own night, but a magical, mystical, out of this world wonder when lovingly played together as a symphony of color, light, sights, sounds, taste, touch and smell…. a secret display in plain sight for the universe to see from light years away. A feeling, hard to explain, but impossible to forget or forbid. A memory, and a constant craving, for being with all the beloveds that sets all our Hearts On Fire like fireworks in soulful sinful synchronicity.

How appropriate then for this set of fiery pink heart shaped fireworks to explode seconds apart but be captured as one larger heart shape. For it to happen on the 4th of July is another reminder of my love, lust, and desire, for freedom and love, for "Hearts On Fire(works)".

Add to that as a backbeat - for the amazing dance of passion, dreams, joy, pleasure and emotion - the paraphrased lyrics and music of the sexy, powerful, dance track Freed From Desire by Gala. They remind me of these thoughts from the song....

I've got no money, but I've got my wealth of ideas and dreams.
I've got no power, but I have strong beliefs.
I've got no fame, but I know my beloveds know, I will achieve what great goals I have

…. with their love, prayers, and God's help.

March on my brave friends, my fellow warriors of peace, my cherished loves and lust-filled lovers….

Freedom and Love,
Hearts On Fire

© 2010 IMRAN

PS Where the previous beautiful set of fireworks caught over time in a long exposure had happened to make a heart shape, this ISO100 8 seconds long exposure at f/10 with the tripod mounted Nikon D300 literally is even closer to the heart (shape). Because of the distance and open space in the photo, this is cropped to nearly one-third its size. As in the previous photo, since the sky was dark (though more plum in this fire-burst), the framing of black made it dramatic too. As before, I used the unusually gray and small typefaces for the titling, to retain the signature look but not overwhelm the actual subject.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fire'th Of July: Fourth Of July Fireworks, Great South Bay, Patchogue, Long Island

21 years of living in New York, 11 of them in Manhattan, and I have not yet made it to the Macy's Fourth Of July Fireworks.

I almost decided to go this Fourth of July, but the idea of spending 8-10 hours (from East Patchogue, via cab, LIRR train, another cab, hours before the event to catch a good spot, and then back) and wading through huge crowds for a 26 minutes show again did not appeal to me.

A quick Google search revealed that the Grucci Fireworks of Long Island were actually scheduled the same evening for Davis Park, on Fire Island, right opposite my home, just about 2 miles away across the expanse of the Great South Bay. I have been to these fireworks when my boats were still in New York and not been lost to Florida forever.

This was nothing like the Macy's Manhattan event, but I still managed to capture a few interesting shots, experimenting with different settings on the camera. This way, a future NYC trip is more likely to yield better photos.

The tripod mounted Nikon D300 captured this at ISO100, 300 mm (450 mm equivalent) zoom, with full manual 8 seconds exposure at f/10. Because of the distance and open space in the photo, this is cropped to nearly one-third its size.

What I loved about this shot was how the timing worked out with red & purple; green, white and red; and orange bursts making it by chance look like a Heart shape in the sky. (The bursts happened seconds apart and were not the way fireworks companies can make red-heart shapes from one fire burst as you can see the single strand of Red inside the Green/Purple one to the top right). Hearts, Within Hearts, On Fire.

Another thing that is on my list, which would improve the timings of shots for future events. When things get better, I will invest in a wireless trigger release in coming months, God willing.

A quick Google search reveals no instances, so apparently I just coined this phrase, "Fire'th Of July". Enjoy this and more Fire'th Of July fireworks photos I will post in coming weeks instead of boring people with all the photos dumped online together.

Since the sky was dark, the framing of black made it even more dramatic. I used unusually gray and small typefaces for the titling, to retain the signature look but not overwhlem the actual subject.

© 2010 IMRAN

Saturday, July 03, 2010

(United) State(s) Of Independence, Shall Be...

An early summer sun setting behind the Statute of Liberty sets it in semi-silhouette. I took the photo with a handheld Nikon D300 2 miles away at a 450mm equivalent zoom. The sky shades - from red, white and blue - with a bird flying by behind it, are a perfect backdrop tribute to the Fourth Of July, 2010, Independence Day holiday in America.

After pulling an all-nighter, I had to go into Manhattan for a near full day of work and meetings. Starting with Fox News Channel Strategy Room, then a client meeting at Rockefeller Center, followed by another meeting and an Indian-Pakistani desi lunch (one of the treats I alow myself in Manhattan trips) was long enough with no sleep.

Then I then had to wait for a meeting at 5 PM related to a consulting opportunity I was pursuing. By the end of that meeting, at 6 PM, the 1 liter of Pepsi, 4 cups of coffee, several bars of chocolate were all that were keeping me going physically. And, that internal, eternal but mortal flame, that has burned inside me, when, even as a child, I would not fall asleep, lest I miss something in this amazing world, this amazing life.

But, I was wiped out. I was now about 2 miles from the Southern tip of Manhattan and sunset hour would soon be there. There were no cabs around and I had time... so I walked. With those 2, my total 8 miles of walking in business attire, from meeting to meeting, meant I was completely exhausted.

But, it was worth it....

There she stood... the one I came to secretly meet that night, in public. Like a beloved I place on a pedestal and gaze at longingly all day and bathe with love in the soft glowing night...

The State Of Independence.... , but never losing touch. The Feeling Of Freedom....., but always coming home.

There she stood.... The Statute Of Liberty. Her stretched arm, looking dark from the sun behind it, never tiring from holding up the flame of freedom.

Giving hope to the many who came to the shores of this great land as refugees. Providing inspiration to achieve greatness, to those who came by choice legally, as I did 21 years ago.

Mother of the Exiles, welcoming us, and saying these words.

I decided to wait until this July 4, 2010 weekend to post this picture.

Happy Fourth Of July & Happy Independence Day.

May you and I, all of us, savor the best of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this great land and enable it for others around the world.

Happy Birthday, America.

© 2010 IMRAN

PS I Know, New Jersey would like to think of it as their landmark... (yawn). Guess whom she's got her back towards... NJ! LOL

PPS ISO200, 1/500 second at f/11 with Nikon 300mm/450mm equivalent lens, handheld shot with the Nikon D300 at −1EV focused at the statute 2 Miles away.

PPPS Just 1.5MB of 13MB image captured RAW. I cropped out the port's cranes to the right, water below and sky above to retain the aspect ratio and highlight the statute & sky using Shadows/Highlights and color enhancements in Photoshop.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Honey Moon Honeymoon

نیلے نیلے امبر پر شہد جیسا چاند جب آے

Being a never-married but highly eligible bachelor :-) , hopeless romantic fool for love and crazy about the beauty of life around us every day, I was looking forward to the June 25-26, 2010 full moon. Stepping out to my downstairs deck to have a late evening low-light early light-supper, I suddenly noticed that the super moon was already out.

I was stunned by its rich golden tones on a darkening deep velvety blue sky. Forgetting about food, I rushed upstairs to grab the camera. I snapped several photographs before the moon would rise higher and become smaller and less deeply toned.

"Chaand" (چاند ) is the Urdu word for the Moon and also a pet word for a loved one. Standing on the deck, outside the master bedroom, where my beloved Chaand of the future is awaited, I gazed at the moon. Howling heart like a roaring animal, trembling soul hungry like the wolf, a thundering yearning desire cried out....

Come, my love, to celebrate the lunacy of love, in mad devotion, crazy passion, every day and night we spend together....

Come, my love, sharing the honey and cream and juices of life, savoring the dripping passion of nature's flow surrounding us, coating us in a shiny sheen of love, desire, lust, passion reflected under the light of the fickle moon, every day and every night a honeymoon....

Come, my love, come to me, come with me, come my love, come, be a part of me, as I become a part of you.... as the glowing orb of the moon, filled to the brim with desire, beckons and I await - our union, our merger, our eternal life....

Come, my love, in endless little deaths, soon rising up back to life, to die another death by willing ecstatic choice, in deep embrace, in trembling depth, in rhythmic unison, birthing new seed, seeding new birth, and loving the rebirth of love, til, countless little deaths later, with the pale moon as our witness, death do us part, my love.....

Come, my love, come, take me, my honey, moaning under a yearning, turning, burning Honey Moon honeymoon, forever

Words & Photo © 2010 IMRAN
Tripod mounted, used Nikon D300 self-timer to avoid shake blur of the 450mm eq. zoom lens,
Just over 3MB JPG crop from 13MP 14MB RAW image, processed & framed in Photoshop

PS Thanks to my friend Jack Freund (jfreund1) for the reference to Pierrot.