Wednesday, September 02, 2020

2 Days Away & Amazing Double Dog Welcome Home, Priceless! IMRAN™

2 Days Away & Amazing Double Dog Welcome Home, Priceless! - IMRAN™
I am sure you will love this story and the video. In earlier episodes of K2's new life story with Kennedy and me in Florida, I had mentioned how literally 2 days after we got home, I had to leave unexpectedly to deal with an emergency. My lovely neighbors and their sweet kids had taken care of both German Shepherds during that time.
When I got back home I had gone inside not knowing that the dogs were apparently downstairs at the garage level. They had apparently felt more at home at, well..., home. After a short while, I had seen the kids across the street and asked them from the front door where my dogs were. They said they were downstairs. We decided to do a little surprise for the dogs as they had not realized I was home upstairs.
I stood to the side of the house while one of the sweet young girls opened the door, while her older sister made the video. Just check out the reactions of Kennedy.
I have had him 14 months. He is used to my being away when I drop him at his favorite dog-host Emily's and her family's home. Last year I had even gone away for nearly 3 weeks during my trip to Pakistan and Kennedy had been happy but completely calm when I picked him up. He NEVER jumps on anyone.
But this time he had sensed that I had gone away somehow differently. This was his reaction after my being away just 2 days even though he had been super-chill every time I came back after even 3 weeks. You can literally see and hear him reprimand me for my absence. What is fun to also watch is how even K2 gets into the mood.
The video would have been longer but my next-door neighbor saw this taking place. Instead of quietly watching the video being made, she walked over talking about the dogs, which made them turn their attention to the disturbance, and the recording was stopped.
I wish this video had been 2-3 minutes longer, but the sheer love and intelligence of these incredible creatures is nothing short of... Priceless!

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