Friday, March 26, 2010

Solar Cytoplasm Sets Sky(To)Plasma Display. (Dedicated To Dennis Hopper & All Those Fighting Terminal Illness)

Since I was a kid, I loved puns, enjoyed Physics, hated Biology and despised Chemistry!

This is possibly the most science-related pun titles that is also (I hope!) philosophically deep. But it is quite simple at the same time.

The nuclear-hot core, Hydrogen burning nucleus of the sun, plasma ignited fires of the gigantic heavenly body, light its edges like a yellow membrane of fire. That all-consuming heat, across the spans of space, is also the source of energy for life, even in the most basic cellular (as in single-cell of living beings) organism.

Cytoplasm, in Biology, is the material between the cell membrane and its nucleus, the basic building block of life.

All living creatures, including us proud humans, with passion, blood and plasma coursing through our veins, are simply walking symphonies of a seemingly random but coordinated cacophony of chemical reactions in our own cell's cytoplasm. It's not strange when something goes wrong, it's a miracle that so much works so perfectly for so long, giving us a chance to achieve greatness beyond the humble cell we start from.

Bare branches of a sole tree stand in stark defiance against the falling sun. Yet its soul silently yearns to trap life-giving photons in a net of meshed dry limbs, so that new life may spring forth again from their tips.

We humans proudly walk by the sunset sky lit to plasma colors as in the moment above, to huddle in the safety and comfort of our nuclear family members. As we turn On our hi-def plasma displays to the Discovery Channel, we discover...

We, our planet, even our sun and solar system, appear to be tinier and tinier, nearly invisible, insignificant single cells of the universe the further we view from.

We are amazed. We are humbled. We realize that in life, until our death, it is our choice. We may be insignificant, but we can choose not to be inconsequential.

Even as the mighty sun falls, and daylight burns to an end, we can still seize the day to shine bright into the endless night.

Carpe Diem.

Dedicated to Dennis Hopper and all those fighting terminal illnesses. Fight on, live on, shine on, forever, you crazy diamond stars.

© 2010 IMRAN

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Songs Of Spring Flying & "Pink! I Soar"

Songs Of Spring Flying & "Pink! I Soar" - IMRAN™ ___ (Please Enjoy The Words)

As the inexorable march of time brings our days to a close, just past the Ides Of March, the clocks spring forward, back to their original times. Spring may be in the air, or at least around the corner of the winter clock's tearing eye --- as will be happier days and times one day on the calendar of life.

Blue skies are not immediately visible on the horizon and the darkness of night still stands, brooding, silently menacing, around the water's edge.

But even in impending dusk, the sky blushes pink for its fantasy-filled thoughts of the sensual dawn it yearns to be embraced by. The soul wonders. What shall I do with this moment?

One Day I'll Fly Away, but does it have to be now? Shall I seek refuge in stark branches with Broken Wings? Or go back to Learning To Fly so l can fly again to seek the new dawn -- which I have to believe is waiting over the horizon?

I think. I feel. I choose. I roar. 
"When eyes see Pink, I soar."

PS Sorry, I could not resist the puns on Pink Eye, Pink Eyesore, etc. for an image that is cool and pleasing to the eye. Of course the Pink Floyd song reference also reminded me of two other favorite songs, one from Randy Crawford and the other from the one-hit wonder Mister Mister.

© 2010 IMRAN

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Do You Know The Ides Of March, The March Of Time?

I post few photos of myself here unless there is some significance to the image or event. Today is such a day. The Ides Of March are upon us.

The Ideas of March is the name given to March 15, a day dedicated to the Roman god Mars, in their ancient calendar. They held a military parade on the day. It was there and on this day Julius Caeser was assassinated in 44BC, despite being warned.

Life rushes forward, time marches on. Today is March the 15th, 2010. The Ides of March are upon us as the March of Time parades us past our glorious lives to our inescapable ends, the colors of our lives, like the colors of the title in this photo, sliding from the blue skies of joyous lives to the deepening pinks of the ending gentle sleep.

We eye the future, even as the seers of the Ides of March see something else. We do not warm to how they warn us of a different story. For we know only one way to live, no matter how far or near the end. We have to remain full of wonder, for the mystery of the unknown, whether of turning a page, or not turning a corner.

The end may be near, lurking like the dangerous stab in the heart by a trusted loved one, but the joy of having lived every minute as we wished is even nearer, deeper in our hearts, and that lives through all eternity, regardless of how glorious or how humble we are in the grand scheme of history.

"Et tu, Brute? Then fall Caesar!" wrote William Shakespeare.

When we hear the silent haunting melody accompanying an impending dusk, appearing, oh, so soon, on an amazing life, when we felt so close to the blue skies of tomorrow, we are left wonderously gasping in our final breaths....

If only.... if only....if only!
Such was life, Such is life.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberating Religions Trapped In A Cave Mentality

A Twitter ID, @thoughtandhumor, going by the name of Professor Howdy, sent me a tweet today. "Will pop culture be the end of historic Christianity", it said, with a link to an article by T. M. Moore titled Trapped in the Cave?

It refers to Plato's parable about cave prisoners who did not know there was more to life, and the universe, than the shadows and darkness that made up their daily existence… until one escapes and returns with news of the world out there.

The article is quite well written and readable for something that touches upon Philosophy and Religion.

It makes some excellent points, especially related to something like Philosophy, which is somewhat more logic and reason driven than Religion. Religion, especially the Bible-Thumping or Muslim-Blowing versions of it, which get most (negative) media attention tends to be increasingly driven by a total lack of intelligence. Such practice of religion seems increasingly based on an obvious strong attempt to actually curtail one's use of the very thought and conscience that God has given us.

This applies to the suited-booted smooth-talking, jet-setting, secretary-screwing, so-called Christian preachers who condemn victims of natural disasters in the name of God. I am certain Jesus Christ would personally bitch-slap these playboy preachers, if he was to return today.

It applies to the illiterate, unwashed, hell-bound suicide bombers and their un-Islamic so-called Muslim trainers, who plan and joyously carry out murder and mayhem among bazars filled with women and children, or who show their "bravery" by killing little girls going to school. Instead of 72 virgins in heaven, they can be assured 72 billion years of burning in eternal damnation.

The Jews in Occupied Palestine, the ones who cry over their holocaust, yet carry out one of their own, who keep Palestinians in what the Vatican also described as Concentration Camps, are not off the hook. Neither are the "peace-loving" Hindus who crush Muslims in Kashmir and other states, or put an evil cast of castes on what should all be equal human beings in the eyes of God. No one is above blame, though they all feel they, and their oh-so-obviously-perfect religion, are above blame, higher than the other religions.

Yet, almost each religion, in addition to laudable aspects, has much that is laughable. In this set of circumstances and global theological reality, ALL major religions can benefit from the advice the writer gives in his article. The writer proposes using elements of pop-culture to introduce more people to the spirit of philosophy. I concur with some of those fundamental propositions, for what I hope would enable a better, more human and intelligent practice of their religions.

In my humble opinion, most major religions were "progressive" ideas at their time, yet have become etched in stone in the sand-filled brains of their most virulent followers. We do not need to turn the Holy books politically correct, or do other such, often ridiculous, editing as some religions do as a palliate. It may please a small number of new adherents, but, I believe it comes at the cost of greater hardening of attitudes among the more conservative believers. That makes the effort both foolish and counterproductive.

I think enabling, even encouraging practicing Christians and Muslims (and others) to use more of their brains, and intelligence, instead of rote-indoctrination done to them since childhood, will actually make them better human beings in the practice of their own religions.

That means religions can go about again in their role of helping improve the human condition, the human experience, even as they still give people the opportunity to work for the improvement of the post-human afterlife they believe in.

Care must be taken, though, to ensure this is not, is not presented as, and does not come across as, an attempt to "edit and update" the basic tenets, the core values, of the basic faiths that make the religions what they are.

Otherwise, instead of opening minds, such attempts are more likely to lead to even more severe introverted responses from religious quarters and their most ardent followers.

Who needs more "Christmas Is Under Attack" or "The West Is Out To Destroy Islam" pedagogue blowhards emptying their lungs, with words from their empty brains, filling the airwaves, further poisoning instead of clearing the air, within and among religions.

What do you believe? And, what do you think?

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Friday, March 12, 2010

When Life's In The Rough, Believe In Magic And Miracles

As I, along with countless millions in this country and around the world, face the most challenging times of my life, I do my best to remain the positive person I was since I was a child.

I usually do not blog with embedded content (because I like my blog to be a record of my creative efforts and also because you never know when the embedded content can be removed by the owner or poster). But, this Golf video clip is especially poignant.

You will find this clip entertaining for the sports value.

But at this difficult stage in life for so many of us, it is a great reminder to never give up hope, never lose faith and above all, never stop believing in magic you could not have imagined, good fortune you could not have planned.

Just when you think all is lost, your life is in the rough, the most amazing things can happen. Good fortune can appear when you least expect it. A gust of wind, or just the ultimate touch of God's hand can twist a blade of grass just so perfectly, that every thing lines up. And, it lines up far better than you could have set up, aimed for or taken at swing at.

Believe. Have faith. Smile. Above all, give thanks. Even if you don't get to ace every hole, or achieve very goal, what could be better than to have had a chance to play the game... of life.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Port, Hole, Whole Boat Peephole, British Virgin Islands

Port, Hole, Whole Boat Peephole, Virgin Islands.
Sounds So Sinful For So Heavenly A Place

The Baths at Virgin Gorda, in the Virgin Islands, are just an out of the world experience to visit and see.

Getting from the top of the hill to the rock formations, with convoluted steep climbs down through jutting rocks with rising water, narrow paths and scary little landings, enhance the thrill. You walk on planks to where pirates of yesteryear probably walked the plank. But now the scene is serene, and of peace and security.

The sky and sea look satin smooth while the rocks are textured and the light plays games to show rocky shades of olive and mocha on the sides.

You fall in love with it, especially when you see this view, like a port hole of the planet, a peep hole onto a world of boating, yachting, fun and frolic.

Being able to frame the whole catamaran in this triangular opening on what must be volcanic rocks spewed out of earth millennia ago, even with an old pocket Nikon Coolpix S6, was a fun and the picture came out very nice.

A must see place.

© 2008-2010 IMRAN

Friday, March 05, 2010

Why? Why Now? Why Me? But, Still So Blessed

You all know how positive a person I am. But it is becoming so difficult every day.

Everything of any significance that I NEEDED to happen or fall into place correctly this week, singly or in total, went wrong or led into brick walls. Non-stop. But, I continued to laugh it off, and continued to plug away as I have for the last nearly 2 nightmare years.

But, it just does not stop. The surreally bad week ended just now with my lifeline iPhone 3GS falling out of my pocket (when the earphone cable snagged a chair & yanked it out), falling face down, on tiled floor and being smashed to pieces :-( .

This was just unbelievable bad luck and bad timing because it is the only phone and net connection I had. And, due to the real difficult time in my life, I can't afford to replace it right now.

"Why? Why now? Why me?" were the words of the song "Suzanna, I'm Crazy Loving You" that came to my mind (and the expression on my face, I am sure).

But, as I was walking home from where it happened, devastated at the new challenges that poses, the way things are rapidly crashing, and as all I built over 21 years vanishes before my eyes, the feeling of despair for the unnecessary and unfair loss, I considered how blessed I am.

I am so blessed --- in the dream life I have had, still have now with being alive, healthy & able, and the amazing life that lies ahead, once these worst days are over. God willing. So, Thank You, God, for all the blessings.

Your prayers in these toughest days of my life are appreciated.