Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TOP (SECRET) 10 List From Bush "War Council" Meeting

The media has reported that the man in the White House (it is really difficult to call him President) George W. Bush and his henchmen and henchbutch Condi Rice had a high level strategy session about Iraq.

Wow. 3 years after they started the wrong war, they actually want to start planning! And Bush has an MBA? Hopefully not in Strategy - or the value of my Columbia MBA just went to Zero.

But was this meeting they had a "high level strategy session" ????

Is that what it's called when the conversation is probably something like my Top 10 list of things they discussed...

10. "Cool, we killed Zar... what's his name? Oh, ok, Zawahiri is the other evil guy with glasses, this is the evil guy with New Balance sneakers. Nyuck, nyuck. I prefer Nikes myself, much better for falling off a bike, and, and, and, they, they, they, uhhhuhhh, they twist the ankle less when I fall off the untoppleaciously stabilitized Segway."

9. "OK, OK, listen up, what do you think I drop in on the troops in EyeRack and carry in Zarqawi's head on the platter I used for the fake turkey at the Thanksgiving PR stunt?"

8. "No, Mr. President, we cannot claim that Mr. Cheney shot Zarqawi in the face."

7. "Yes, Sir, Mr. Cheney, I'll check if Haliburton wants the no-bid contract to rebuild the unsafe house we bombed Zarqawi in."

6. "No, sir, he died before we could torture him but we're working the corpse for intel and for some cool photos to take with him."

5. "Yes, Sir, Mr. Rumsfeld, we found a dead chicken in that house so we're ordering $100 million of bird flu vaccine from your company."

4. "No, Sir, no one will believe if we plant pictures of Hilary and Al Gore hugging Zarqawi at a Vietnam war protest, Sir."

3. "Rummy, you're doing a hell of a job - at least I can now sneak into Iraq for a quick photo op. I know I'll be greeted as the Decider Liberator... but let's make sure to fly in secretly so no one knows I am there."

2. "Is there a way we show some fake satellite photos at the UN to say Zarqawi was an Iranian nucular scientist married to that North Korean's sister?"


1. "Yes, Sir, the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner is ready and good to go."

© 2006 IMRAN

Access of Evil?

News items have exposed that a company already known as the Evil Empire has started snooping and secretly picking up information from users through its Windows Advantage Program that no only installs things you don't need, but also spies on you.

You'd think Microsoft would have learnt from the disaster of SONY's similar spyware. Why do they have to access info on the valid use of their product through such evil-sounding mechanisms? Makes it sound like the Access of Evil (Empire) into people's hard disks.

I understand their need for controlling piracy, and it amazes me how double-standarded (I am the Decider who decideded that that that is a valided word) our society is.

Not that you'd EVER expect me to say anything good about Microsoft or to actually defend it but.... We complain when companies actually try to protect THEIR property from being stolen, but want companies to make their products so secure that our data is not stolen.

We complain that companies are trying to prevent fraudulent installations of their products. Yet, we leave them no choice but to use back door ways because of "outcries" if the companies just came out and said "We will not permit any more use of pirated copies."

I DETEST companies that require a CD to be inserted to run their software, and I also dislike products (like the otherwise truly awesome iSale 3 for Mac) that ONLY let me install on ONE machine instead of at least two personal machines. (e.g. someone using a 12" PowerBook may want to have a product installed on the PowerBook but want to work on a larger screen/keyboard on an iMac at home.)

But a one-time (preferably two machine) registeration that ensures only those 2 machines can use that particular copy of the software is an acceptable and fair tool that all companies should be able to use without negative public opinion.

What do you think? Let me know.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dumb & Dumber, Worst & Worster, WMD President

I read an interesting article by Charlie Cook in National Journal, on Presidential Politics. I had to comment on it, because it raises the serious concern of where we are headed in the quality of Presidential candidates... though, quite frankly, ANY man on the street would be better than George W. Bush.... the real WMD, "Worst Moron Decider™"** we have as President.

Charlie did a great analysis, and I responded along the following lines:

I came to America in 1989, and since then, it baffles and saddens me as to the constantly falling quality of people we elect or have to choose from. NOT ONE recent President has had all of these qualities: charisma, integrity, leadership, personality and vision.

We have gone from brilliant dishonest Clinton to dumb and "voice-hearing" Presidents. Hilary is hardly my vision of a President, nor is McCain stable enough for the position. It amazes me that a 2nd rate bigot, wannabe politician like Giuliani, (with associations with known CROOKS like Bernie Kerik) is considered a candidate.

I recall meeting Colin Powell back in 1996 and thinking THAT was one man I would have been proud to see as our President but he chickened out. Then came his sellout at the United Nations about Iraqi weapons, a sham full of lies. Now I would not hire him as a caddie. Who do you think would make good candidates? Let me know.


WMD=Worst Moron Decider is © 2006, Imran Anwar. Get the T-Shirts.

Monday, June 12, 2006

(Evil) Stupid is as (Evil) Stupid does....

Evil Genius is so old fashioned, these days it's Evil Stupid....

Canadian Muslim Terrorist-wannabes, Ann Coulter, Guantanamo Bay military offcials... take a listen.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Finally, Some Good News, Zarqawi Dead

Finally we all get some good news, that the evil Zarqawi has supposedly been killed. During a recent radio commentary, when his last video had come out, I had mentioned how Bin Laden and Zarqawi were going to get caught most likely because of the increased exposure as the anti-terror squads backtrack the sources of the videos, etc. Of course, unfortunately, it is not the end of the troubles in Iraq since Zarqawi had a low profile (despite his video clip recently) and its more and more Shia-Sunni insurgents bringing Iraq to Civil War. In either case, one less evil one to worry about. I wonder if he died with his New Balance sneakers still on his feet.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How To Move Information From Apple Macintosh To Windows Mobile 5 PDA Or Smartphone

I am no expert (on anything, though I play one on TV on many topics :) ), but as much as I detest WINDOWS, I find Windows Mobile 5 to be the only platform that excited me since the Apple Newton. Palm always was and always will be brain dead to me, and now, it will soon just be dead. I have seen questions posted by people wondering how they can move information from their Mac based programs, like DayLite, StickyBrain, Text, Word, etc. to Windows Mobile 5 PDA or Smartphone devices. Here are some suggestions.

1. If you have a PC or have the ability to synch your WM5 with a PC, it should be easy enough to drag text notes from StickyBrain/Mac to Windows/ActiveSynch's folder for the device which you can carry with you on WM5.

2. I bought the Verizon 6700 phone PDA (mostly to use as a GPS/flying moving map with ) that also has EV-DO and Skype as effective and clear on the road as on my broadband computers at home! On that device (esp. with a data plan) you can set up an email account, on Yahoo or something, that you can access from the PDA. Email text notes from StickyBrain to Mail to Yahoo/PDA and read them that way. Keep in mind, even more than simple text or formatted text as StickyBrain, this option also allows you to carry your Word/Excel document and use them on the PDA. Very cool.

3. If you do not want to splurge on the data plan (my T-Mobil unlimited data plan is just $20 a month and Verizon unlimited EV-DO plan is $45 a month) then you are still not out of luck. Most PDAs with WM5 now also have Wi-Fi. If you have an older Mac on your home network or can run a POP server on your own machine, then simply email the stuff to yourself at that server, and set up the PDA to pick up the emails from your own free (Eudora Internet Mail Server free version may still be out there somewhere) server over your own free WiFi.

4. PocketMac.Net and Mark/Space should be coming out with their WM5 Mac versions and that should give you some ability to transfer text notes to PDAs.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other ideas.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

All Prostrate At The Temple Of Templates

This comment is different from my usual topics of world affairs, terrorism, comments on George W. Bush being the worst President EVER, etc. I recall writing a comment many years ago about the perceived or supposed "individuality" of Americans. I was always amused by how we all try to, or claim to, or try to claim to be so unique, we do everything in our own special way.

But, watch when someone like Madonna chops off her jeans at the knees, or Paris Hilton wears a particular color dress, and boom, suddenly 2 million jeans or dresses of that type are sold to "unique" individuals.

While all this was happening, I recall how EDI, a business tool for electronic data interchange between businesses, clients, organizations, etc. took forever to become established even as little as it did, even when the cost of non-standard communications between businesses was well known. Electronic data exchange costs were high, cost of aligning information into the right way for objective decisions to be made was high. There were many benefits, but EDI took time to gain acceptance.

Now, in 2006, when the Internet and eBusiness make each one of us as "connected" as the New York Times, or even as capable as madonna of putting our creative output out for billions to see (,, google video), more and more of us are relying on "standardized" tools.

At HP's web site (the company even as a stockholder I HATED the laptop and software products of) I found an interesting page where a small business expert shows a tool for genrating press releases. And, that made me think of the irony.

It is interesting to me that the more empowering personal expression becomes, enabling all of us to be publishers of information in our own style, the more a sense of overwhelming burden overtakes us. This is forcing us to seek out tools that automate even the process of creating our own "unique" messages, like press releases, or even business plans.

Ironically, without any of us realizing it, this may be the new wave of mass-EDI eBusiness communication, where many of us will rely on standardized "forms" for everything from press releases to business plans, to web sites and even books. Even my blog, , a unique take on things around the world, is based on a standard tool, My web site and http://imran.TV utilizes pre-made templates.

You can download incredibly good templates for all kinds of business documents, proposals, plans, etc.

More and more programs are available that come with templates. Some of that is good, because it helps us avoid reinventing the wheel. Why should I have to learn database programming and not use Filemaker's included templates? But, what about things like press releases, business plans, proposals, all of which we can buy templates for online. All these "tools" are making us more and more conformists, protrating ourselves at the temple of Templates, ironically, in the age and time when we can be most unique.

Is this good, bad, or... what? What do you think?