Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spectacular Sweet Sunset Terrific Tampa Tuesday Lovely Landscape LivesStream - IMRAN™

Enjoy this view of the stunning Tampa Bay Florida sunset tonight at Apollo Beach.

I used the Nikon D850 video mode. Because I had to twist the zoom lens by hand in a few places you will see the video wiggle. But what gorgeous colors at this place I am blessed to live in.

Come, experience the magic with me.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Tampa Bay Flats Spin Apollo Beach Florida.- IMRAN™

Many of us became aware of the term flat spin from the deadly scene in Top Gun, when Tom Cruise's F14 TomCat loses airflow over the wings and spins flat down to the sea.

Thankfully there was no flat spin, nor any crash in water, in the filming of this aerial spin drone flying quick view of the flats on Tampa Bay at Apollo Beach, across from my blessed home.

It was a 45 seconds clip but I sped it up to save you time. :-) It was part of my livestream today which got disconnected a minute into the video.

I will share one by one the main clips I happened to have hit record on during flight. I hope you enjoy this virtual visit in visual reality.

© 2018 IMRAN™