Friday, January 27, 2006

Tell us, HOW MANY of US were spied on?

It is unbelievable that Bush still does not get it.

He is NOT above the law. This is AMERICA, not Russia, not Iraq. And now he has these tyranny seeking people like Gonzales as Attorney General (if anyone could be as bad as Ashcroft, it's him) and now Judges Robber(t)s and Alito {aLieTo(ld)} coming in to destroy the constitution.

I cannot stand George W. Bush, cannot wait for him to be out of office (and praying for minimum damage to be done to us, the US and the Constitution) but, I COULD cut him some slack on this issue of spying within the country on Americans.

I can be more understanding (though not very supportive) IF we can get an answer to a VERY simple question.


30? No problem. OK, it's still not legal, it's not the right way, but acceptable/tolerable to do something "in an emergency" to find 30 bad guys in 300 million.

300? OK, that's a little more worrisome, but still within tolerable limits. One person per million is sure to be found to harbor ill intent towards the USA - especially if we consider and include searching for gun runners, drug smugglers and those smuggling illegal criminals from the Cuba and Mexico endanger America almost as much as AlQaeda.

3000? 30,000? Is that the number? Is that why they won't tell us? That is not the number of people sympathetic to AlQaeda. It is more likely the numbers of people that oppose the tyrannical Presidency Bush wants and they are looking to shut up dissent.

What, are we living in the USSA? As I said, the numbers will tell a story.

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