Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Bud (Light)'s For You!

SOOC Straight out of camera, stunning Nikon D300 RAW image simply framed in Photoshop with *NO* editing or processing of any kind. Saved as 4MB JPG from 14MB original at ISO640, f/5.6, eV+1, 0.02 seconds,

So you can imagine the stunning bright green background and soft pink shades the Nikon D300 captured (I wrote this on June 26, 2010) at the side of my home.

From the previous pink on black Hearts On Fire(works) sky photo, this is a nice transition to a pink heart shaped rose bud with green details nearly matching the slightly overexposed green grass of the ground with more flaring pink in the background.

My immediate neighborhood is like what Palestine could be with Peace in the Middle East. As a Muslim American I am blessed with amazing neighbors (Catholics on one side, Jews on the other!), who're as sincere and caring to me, if not more, than many real family cousins!

As a matter of fact, this bud in bright summer morning light is a reminder of neighbors, friends, buddies who are a light in one's daily life. I don't drink but, my dear neighbors, "This Bud (Light)'s For You!"

As I was saying, I have no conflict with them but let's just say we could have had a "War Of The Roses"! One of my neighbors, who is big time into gardening, always says how she has no luck with Roses. I, despite my not being into gardening, other than planting and forgetting, seem to be quite lucky with roses in particular.

I guess I win this war of the roses and celebrate victory with a bokeh of roses. ;-) After all, as Shakespeare would have said, what we call a rose does smell as sweet even in a neighbor's flowerbeds!

God willing, when things get better, I will plan to plant more beautiful flowers around my home, because it has been a while since I did that.

In the meantime, this rose, planted several years ago, continues to be a source of immense pleasure and gentle beauty. I take in its sensual aromas when I stop by to smell it every night when I go for a walk. And it is a source of beautiful photo opportunities like this one.

I hope you enjoyed the photo and the thoughts it brought to mind.

© 2010 IMRAN


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