Saturday, July 10, 2010

Freedom & Love. Hearts On Fire(Works)

Freedom and Love. That's all I've always needed to keep the fire alive in my heart, mind, body and soul, and what I have always been blessed with.

Fighting against dictators and speaking against hate-filled killers in power in both my homelands.
Spreading love in the arms of cherished lovers and whispering gently words of freedom, liberty, desire and passion into listening ears of followers, friends and fellow passionate lovers of love in all my lifetimes with my loves for life.

Freedom from tyranny, with love of country and my countrymen.
Freedom from sorrow and unfulfilled lives, with love of my cherished beloveds.

Coming together in the night as burning matchsticks and fireworks-filled hearts and souls, yearning to explode together in the night for all to see and hear. Explosive, brilliant, beautiful, uniquely colorful each in their own right, in their own night, but a magical, mystical, out of this world wonder when lovingly played together as a symphony of color, light, sights, sounds, taste, touch and smell…. a secret display in plain sight for the universe to see from light years away. A feeling, hard to explain, but impossible to forget or forbid. A memory, and a constant craving, for being with all the beloveds that sets all our Hearts On Fire like fireworks in soulful sinful synchronicity.

How appropriate then for this set of fiery pink heart shaped fireworks to explode seconds apart but be captured as one larger heart shape. For it to happen on the 4th of July is another reminder of my love, lust, and desire, for freedom and love, for "Hearts On Fire(works)".

Add to that as a backbeat - for the amazing dance of passion, dreams, joy, pleasure and emotion - the paraphrased lyrics and music of the sexy, powerful, dance track Freed From Desire by Gala. They remind me of these thoughts from the song....

I've got no money, but I've got my wealth of ideas and dreams.
I've got no power, but I have strong beliefs.
I've got no fame, but I know my beloveds know, I will achieve what great goals I have

…. with their love, prayers, and God's help.

March on my brave friends, my fellow warriors of peace, my cherished loves and lust-filled lovers….

Freedom and Love,
Hearts On Fire

© 2010 IMRAN

PS Where the previous beautiful set of fireworks caught over time in a long exposure had happened to make a heart shape, this ISO100 8 seconds long exposure at f/10 with the tripod mounted Nikon D300 literally is even closer to the heart (shape). Because of the distance and open space in the photo, this is cropped to nearly one-third its size. As in the previous photo, since the sky was dark (though more plum in this fire-burst), the framing of black made it dramatic too. As before, I used the unusually gray and small typefaces for the titling, to retain the signature look but not overwhelm the actual subject.

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