Friday, July 02, 2010

Honey Moon Honeymoon

نیلے نیلے امبر پر شہد جیسا چاند جب آے

Being a never-married but highly eligible bachelor :-) , hopeless romantic fool for love and crazy about the beauty of life around us every day, I was looking forward to the June 25-26, 2010 full moon. Stepping out to my downstairs deck to have a late evening low-light early light-supper, I suddenly noticed that the super moon was already out.

I was stunned by its rich golden tones on a darkening deep velvety blue sky. Forgetting about food, I rushed upstairs to grab the camera. I snapped several photographs before the moon would rise higher and become smaller and less deeply toned.

"Chaand" (چاند ) is the Urdu word for the Moon and also a pet word for a loved one. Standing on the deck, outside the master bedroom, where my beloved Chaand of the future is awaited, I gazed at the moon. Howling heart like a roaring animal, trembling soul hungry like the wolf, a thundering yearning desire cried out....

Come, my love, to celebrate the lunacy of love, in mad devotion, crazy passion, every day and night we spend together....

Come, my love, sharing the honey and cream and juices of life, savoring the dripping passion of nature's flow surrounding us, coating us in a shiny sheen of love, desire, lust, passion reflected under the light of the fickle moon, every day and every night a honeymoon....

Come, my love, come to me, come with me, come my love, come, be a part of me, as I become a part of you.... as the glowing orb of the moon, filled to the brim with desire, beckons and I await - our union, our merger, our eternal life....

Come, my love, in endless little deaths, soon rising up back to life, to die another death by willing ecstatic choice, in deep embrace, in trembling depth, in rhythmic unison, birthing new seed, seeding new birth, and loving the rebirth of love, til, countless little deaths later, with the pale moon as our witness, death do us part, my love.....

Come, my love, come, take me, my honey, moaning under a yearning, turning, burning Honey Moon honeymoon, forever

Words & Photo © 2010 IMRAN
Tripod mounted, used Nikon D300 self-timer to avoid shake blur of the 450mm eq. zoom lens,
Just over 3MB JPG crop from 13MP 14MB RAW image, processed & framed in Photoshop

PS Thanks to my friend Jack Freund (jfreund1) for the reference to Pierrot.

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