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Drone Landing At Breathtaking Dusk Tampa Bay Florida SOOC 3D SBS - IMRAN™

Not only was I blessed to experience this mind blowing ZERO color editing or processing or tweaking or ANY kind. This is a quarter of the original 4K SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) video from the DJI drone camera. As I was bringing the drone in for a landing after a fabulous sunset and dusk I felt the dusk colors would make an awesome backdrop to make use of the closely spaced objects and strictures on my dock at home in Florida to make it a fun 3D video. I will also upload this somewhere on one of my sites in full size for people to be able to view in full resolution on their 3D smart TVs with active shutters than with anaglyph which kills sunset colors.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Birthday With Abu - IMRAN™


Last Birthday With Abu - IMRAN™

As a kid I left home in Punjab, Pakistan, to live with my grandmother in Karachi, for a better education. My mother and siblings would visit during the holidays. Dad would sometimes come with them. His work with the irrigation department meant many holiday periods coincided with floods in areas he was responsible for irrigation and safety of rivers, canals, dams, etc. But it also became a family ritual that he would surprise us by taking a flight and coming to see us in Karachi. 

Keeping the tradition alive later in Lahore, I would sometimes do the same. But it became even more exciting to be able to surprise my family by showing up in Lahore unannounced while giving the impression I was in New York unable to visit. 

Based on Columbia Business School schedules and later pace of life in NY, my attempt was always to go to Pakistan for my birthday, May 23, even though it is brutally hot in summer.

I tried to twice annually. Over time, as my Surprise visits became more predictable, I mixed it up by going for my parents’ birthdays, December 25 & August 22. 

After Mom's unexpected death too young on 2/2/1992 I started going on that day too. Since flights from New York to Lahore were on certain days a week, my family expected me to 'surprise' them on those days. I would counter that by traveling from other cities, like Washington, DC, to take a longer flight from there on different day. (Remind me another day to tell you the most surreal travel story of my life that happened in one such trip).

In 2008 I was working in Miami, unaware that a very tough time was coming up.  One of my loves T and I worked at an organization in Miami, where management was trying to do something definitely unethical and self-serving use of state funds meant for children on welfare. I was working as a CIO but on a consultant, not full time employee, basis. I was asked to come on full time. Certain that if I did that and did what I was being asked to sign off on, one day I would be left holding the bag for their shenanigans. So, we parted ways in April 2008. 

Abu had been paralyzed by a stroke in 2002 but was otherwise in good health and spirits. I had seen him a few months prior, in a typical short surprise trip. This time I decided to spend more time with him, and managed to surprise them all with my arrival in May. 

It was typical hot weather. Because of incompetence and corruption of EVERY ruler in Pakistan, from Sharif to Bhutto to treasonous Army generals, power failures are a daily routine, sometimes for 12-18 hours in some areas!

Even inside the house, it gets hot quickly. You can see the sweat on my face as I had someone take a candid photo with Dad as he was reading a medicine's packaging. 

I am so glad I spent two months with him then. I came back to NY in July but then went back to surprise him on his birthday in August. I stayed another two months, not too worried about going back to work in NY, as I had plenty of money saved up and stocks. Little did I know that within months it would all be gone. 

Every time I used to bid adieu to my father I always soaked it all in; time and feelings, sights and sounds, love and lifelong bond. One never knows when it is the last time you meet a loved one. 

I came back to New York around October. I was going to do a third surprise trip within one year after a long time, for my late Mom's birth date, but Christmas rush meant there were no seats. 

As God would will it, Abu passed away unexpectedly, not from the stroke but from the effects of aspirating some food accidentally. Within weeks of that all I had built up over 20 years living and working in America was lost in the economic meltdown of 2009, starting one of the most difficult times of my life, from which in some ways I am still recovering. 

But, there is not one thing I would change about the four months of 2008 that I was able to spend with Abu.

Happy Father's Day, Abu, every day, in heaven,



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Monday, June 13, 2016

18000 Feet 5.5KM Birthday SkyDiving Jump #2 In 3D - IMRAN™

While there can be that sense of fate and foreboding that makes one wonder about doing something crazy like another skydive right on one's birthday, the actual statistical risks are obviously the same as any other day.

But then, fate is always the hunter, and destiny always the elusive and submissive mistress, begging to be tamed by a wild raging heart filled with passion and zest for life.

The song selections for this music video reflect that. Enjoy the music and video in 3D on your 3D enabled TV or laptop or with anaglyph (red/cyan) glasses.

Keep me in your prayers, my beloved friends.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Time To FaceTime The Unfiltered Facts! - IMRAN™

Tampa Bay Sunset Before Tropical Storm Colin - IMRAN™

The gentle pastels of early sunset giving way to the vivid brilliance of dusk on Tampa Bay, Florida, seen from my home in Apollo Beach, the day before Tropical Storm Colin lashed the area. © 2016 IMRAN™

Monday, June 06, 2016

18000' Skydiving Birthday Jump #2 - IMRAN™

While there can be that sense of fate and forboding that makes one wonder about doing something crazy like another skydive right on one's birthday, the actual statistical risks are obviously the same as any other day.

But then, fate is always the hunter, and destiny always the elusive and submissive mistress, begging to be tamed by a wild raging heart filled with passion and zest for life.

The song selections for this music video reflect that. Enjoy the music and video.

Keep me in your prayers, my beloved friends.

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Cool Dolphin Chills & Swims Inverted Under Drone Overhead - IMRAN™

I am blessed to see these magical ceatures, beautiful dolphins, swim near my home and dock every day. I was flying my Phantom 4 to catch the sunset when I heard a dolphin's telltale sound, so I turned the drone around. Managing to frame the area where the ripples suggested it was, I was able to capture it on camera as it became visible. What fascinated me was how casually it seemed to be chilling and swimming inverted, then turning around to surface, and going back in sideways. I tried but could not risk dropping my brand new drone in the water trying to go lower to chase it while turning it 180 degrees or I would have loved watching and recording this fun creature a little longer. Enjoy! © 2016 IMRAN™

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Red Planet Pastel Sky Tampa Bay Florida Sunset - IMRAN™

There is never an ordinary Florida sunset. But some I can predict to be stunning from the cloud formations even from late afternoon. I try to capture those in timelapse videos. Many times I am blessed to experience these magical momens of life, nature, and closeness to God that I love to share with you. Your prayers always appreciated.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Not Jumping But Pumping Jack The Leaping Lizard? - IMRAN™

I was looking out at the gorgeous day on Tampa Bay when I saw this little critter hop on to the base of the pillar trying to impress another one.  I saw it doing it's throat puffing thing so I slid open the doors to make a video. It saw me and stopped. I waited about 2 minutes before it started doing it again, while keeping a wary eye on me, It was not jumping jack but definitely a little leaping lizard that doesn't know jack about being posted on social media. :-)

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Playing The Race Card To Drown The Truth - IMRAN™

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Red Rushing Sweet Sunset - IMRAN™

Just an average but still dramatic golden red rushing sweet sunset turns into a beautiful pastels and reds dusk seen from upstairs at home on Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach, Florida.   Created completely on a still great Apple iPad 3.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

National Pet Day - IMRAN™


National Pet Day. Two “bird(s) in hand(s) better than (four) in the bush” they say. But the other four are welcome too!...


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Sunday, April 10, 2016

(Inter)National Sibling Day. - IMRAN™


(Inter)National Sibling Day. Family is everything. Even though none of my family members are here in the United States...

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Double Trouble! - IMRAN™

Double Trouble! - IMRAN™ — Dual Dramatic Cloud Formation Over Long Island Home Beach. (Cick to see the full photo). ...

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The Pen… Wait A Sec, The Camera Is Mightier Than The Sword! - IMRAN™


The Pen… Wait A Sec, The Camera Is Mightier Than The Sword! There is so much irony in this photo that Tania took of me...

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Monday, April 4, 2016


There is so much irony in this photo that Tania took of me during our trip to Spain.

The incredible and beautiful Islamic influence is visible even today, despite Muslims’ rule having ended there centuries ago. It was wonderful to see that and the equally fascinating later Western art, and the craziness of Dali and others, in Barcelona. One of the fun places to visit was Pla del Palau. 

While the news today is of barbarians beheading innocent Muslims, Christians, and non-Muslims around the world supposedly in the name of God, at one time it was Islamic countries, and Muslim societies, that were the centers of art, literature, science, libraries, and many other wonders of civilization.

This photo, taken ten years ago by my then girlfriend Tania, has irony because it is a European Christian soldier character on the streets of Barcelona who is playfully holding me, a Muslim, at the tip of a sword.

I am showing that I will smilingly fight back, although I only have a camera lens (EyeSee 360) to defend myself.

The imagery pen IS mightier than the sword!

Spread Peace and Love, my friends, wherever you go, whoever you meet.

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Monday, April 04, 2016

The Fountain / Head - IMRAN™


The Fountain / Head - IMRAN™ — The photo title is derived from the famous book by Ayn Rand, but the reason I walked...

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Just Say No" To The Drug Of Easy Lazy Parenting & Messed Up Future Lives Of Children - IMRAN™

I love and respect incredible single parents who go all out to provide for their kids.

I have known and loved several single moms who were in my life at one time or another, who were more amazing as struggling single parents than a rich two-parent family could be.

But I also sometimes see people, including single parents, thinking that not granting every wish to a kid is some sort of crime or failure.

That is not true. Enough kids who had everything in life end up with messed up lives, and many who had little in childhood later rise to greatness. It is good, loving AND tough parenting, not saying Yes to everything, that sets children's future.

For my 27 years living in America and even in my own relatives in Pakistan, I saw kids basically controlling parents. Here in America I see parents trying to be kids' best friends.

My siblings and I are thankful that we had parents who provided us our every need but did not grant every wish. They went above and beyond, even though we heard No plenty of times.

But, in the long run, they made the most important wish come true and were our best friends. They set us up for lives that, despite the usual ups and downs, could not have been more blessed.

I saw this Share on my beloved beautiful friend Sara's wall and had to share and comment.

What do you think? Let me know here and on the post on FaceBook.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Approaching CrossWind Landings Without Being Crabby Or SideSlipping The Issue - IMRAN™

I love flying and I love being in the media. But I cringe when I see idiocy in news reporting of aviation topics.

One recent example was the otherwise decent news organization CNN posting a video of what was an excellent crosswind landing by a commercial airliner as “Airplane makes bumpy sideways landing” as if some major accident almost happened.

I wish my aviator & news anchor friend Miles O’Brien was around CNN to educate the idiots in media reporting on aviation, who can’t tell the difference between a well-executed high crab-angle (to compensate for strong crosswinds) landing and a bad bumpy landing.

These reporters would probably report a video of a chef doing a flambé dish as a dangerous kitchen fire almost destroying a home. Idiots!

But that raises another question that one of my followers asked me on my FaceBook post…. Why do pilots use crabbing, versus sideslip, when landing?

Like everything in flying, it is one of those topics that can bring out many different opinions that can even sometimes vehemently agree. Neither is perfect, one is preferred or at least recommended by airliner manufacturers like Airbus, though a combination of both is usually needed.

Keep in mind, I am barely a hobby pilot, much less some sort of aviation expert. But, this topic gets a lot of confusing responses. Only the high-wing versus low-wing debate gets people more riled up (which is just slightly less than the old Mac versus Windows flame wars! {Note: I STILL love MacOS and still despise Windows though it has become much less puke-worthy since W7)}.

Here is my explanation. Let me know in your comments if you agree, disagree, or have more insight to add. 

IMHO, as a perpetual student pilot, there are 2 primary ways to make crosswind landings. Crabbing (nose pointed to the side but body moving in straight line along the runway centerline) appears "more scary" in videos like this but provides wings level. That is the recommended approach from manufacturers like Airbus.

The other option, Sideslip (or cross-control, with the nose pointed straight down the runway centerline) is the wing low approach, because one wing is lower as the plane is not wings-level. More and more planes are designed with their control surfaces and engines seeming to be closer and closer to the ground.

e.g. Thanks to my late beloved father's giving me experiences as a child most people even in developed countries did not have until later in life, I first flew in Pakistan International Airline PIA Boeing B707 (and later derivation B720) airliners as a 6-years old unaccompanied child in 1969, and many major airliners had 4 jet engines then and until much later.

As the designs moved to two much more powerful engines instead of four, their size and closeness to the ground also increased. So in modern planes the bank angle becomes a much greater issue to keep in mind to avoid striking the wingtip, engine, or even control surfaces on the runway.

However, neither approach may be enough to be used alone in strong crosswinds like 30 knots.

In a crab-only landing the crab angle of 10-15 degrees may not be de-crabbed quickly enough to avoid side-loads on the landing gear causing structural damage.

In a sideslip-only landing the 10-15 degrees of bank angle will most likely cause a runway strike. (These angles are given as examples for illustrative purposes only. Please check your own aircraft’s manuals for specific information).

So, in such situations the best pilots are likely using a combination of the two methods based on the plane, the airport, the runway, runway conditions (dry vs wet or contaminated), the approach speed, etc.

I hope that helps explain why we often see commercial planes using wings level crabbing approaches for typical crosswind landings.

Keep in mind I am a perpetual student pilot and do not even play a commercial pilot on TV. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Fall Ride To Where Sky Falls Into The Sea - IMRAN™

Come share an exciting experience with me during the latest snowfall, riding to where the sky falls into the sea... Durkee Lane is one of the favorite parts of the way to my blessed home on Long Island, NY. 3D Side By Side Half Width version.

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