Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kiss Silent Lover's Tear Drop, Sunrise Rose Drops Dew Drop

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, tweaking, of ANY kind. Only framed in Photoshop & saved 13MB RAW image as 3.5MB JPG.

As a night owl, I love the night, which, as Patti Smith's rendition of a song originally by Bruce Springsteen reminds us, belongs to lovers.

I consider anything before 10 AM to be an early morning event. It's something I have no control over, since I was a child. No matter what country or time zone I am in, within a day or two I will fall into the opposite of what normal human beings consider the sleep-wake cycle! Maybe because at heart, I am an eternal lover, seeking the eternal embrace of love and lovers deep in the nights lovers love, before the eternal night takes us apart physically but melds us together, soul to soul, in eternity, and in books and romance novels, forever.

It was June 21, 2010, the longest day of sunlight hours for the year. So, this 1015AM morning photograph of the rose, shining in the NY summer morning sunlight, is an "early morning" shot for me. Sunrise Rose Drops Dew Drop seemed appropriate.

I stepped out, blinking, in the bright sunlight. It was warm, so most of the dew had already disappeared.

But, as if the rose, soft, pink, beautiful, coming into its bloom, was yet spent, from crying, waiting for me to return to it in the early morning hours, after a long night awake, far away from it.

It's sorrow now absorbed, the last lone tear drop dew drop dropping from it's soft pink skin, like a single pearl gift to remind me, that, though surrounded, sometimes protected, sometimes stung, by thorns, it would never cease to wait for me to come, to touch, to caress it's petal lips, still moist from the night's passionate waiting, and for me to tell it...

"I am here, and I will always find you beautiful, adore you as you bud, madly love you as you bloom, cherish you as you mature, and savor every bit of you with every one of my senses for the time we have together or apart...."

And, in response, the last tear, the long night, forgotten, its petals open more, more pink, more luscious, more engorged with the beauty of life, the juices of increasing lust, the passion of blooming love, inviting to be plucked yet kept close to my heart, on my lapel.

Don't give up, my love, don't stop waiting. I will be there. I will come. I will take you and make you mine, as you know you are and have always yearned to be.

I'm here, my beloved, my rose. Open for me, my beautiful love, your pink petal folds. Let me pluck you, then hold you, embrace you. Let me drown in your aroma, feel the glide of your texture. Let me soak in your moisture, your essence, your presence, into my soul....

No more lone, lonely, teardrops.

© 2010 IMRAN

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