Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Frozen Stick(y) (R)ice

I have to admit, except for occasionally liking Pakistani rice-based desserts called Kheer or Firni, usually served at weddings (with almonds or pistachios garnish), or at street corner carts there, I am not a big fan of rice or rice pudding. So, I don't even know much about Frozen Sticky Rice as a food item.

But, back in early 2004, when I was driving, at the height of winter, from my NY home to my nearly tropical oceanfront 37th floor, Singer Island, Florida, condo, I literally pulled over to the side of the road when I saw this scene.

Somewhere between New York and Washington, DC, this frozen lake with dead tree stumps sticking out of it, were glistening in the nippy winter air. At that time my 2MP Minolta Dimage X was pretty cutting edge.

Though Minolta is now defunct (and their camera business bought by Sony), that camera had one of the most intricate prism and lens systems built-in, enabling actual physical rather than digital zooming, but with no protruding lens. The entire mechanism was inside the camera body and the prism turned light so the zooming lens was moving vertically inside the camera body. Somehow, that camera (and an iPod 30GB of that time) were either lost on a Southwest flight, or are sitting in some old pants pockets somewhere in my home and I can't find them since!

In any case, though not comparable to the typical 6-13 MP images I post, this delectable rice-colored image seemed like quite a lovely trip down frozen memories lane.

Frozen Stick(y) (R)ice seemed a perfect title for this photograph taken along either I-95 or the maybe the Parkway. (Map location shown is a wild guess).

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