Monday, June 28, 2010

Pink Flood. Psychedelic Musical Rocky Ruby Gems Of Nature

SOOC. Content straight out of camera. Stunning Nikon D300 RAW image simply framed in Photoshop with *NO* editing or processing of any kind. Saved as 4MB JPG from 14MB original.

I planted this bush (name unknown to me!) in my backyard many years ago. Every year it blooms in an explosion of Ruby Pink around the first week of June. But I often would be in Pakistan visiting my Father on my birthday, May 23.

After his passing, this was the first year I was not with family in Pakistan and here on Long Island. I got to actually see these Ruby Gems of nature's agile development. Next to the RAILS of my backstairs downstairs deck, they shimmer like real fine jewels, of nature.

I wondered when I should photograph this color of Ruby. Tuesday's a good day to wait for, I thought, but I didn't know if they'd fade. So, I figured, TGIF, (Thank God It's Friday, June 5, 2010) and took this stunning picture. It fed my soul more than any meal at those restaurant chains could.

Like the pshychedelic music and live shows of rock legends Pink Floyd, or the soft, sensual, sensitive beauty that is the singer-poet Jewel, I simply saw a Pink Flood of stunning beauty.

© 2010 IMRAN

PS Yes, I know, this is the only place you can mix bad puns from software development, restaurant chains and music celebrities!

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