Wednesday, November 02, 2005

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Lexmark Printers

Forbes magazine (web site) has an interesting analysis/article by Danit Lidor, asking Why Aren't Consumers Buying Lexmark?

Since I get asked by friends and family on what gadgets to buy or not to buy, here was my comment related to that story/question:

In one sentence, a company cannot give away crap, and expect to make money on crap add-ons or supplies.

Lexmark is NOT the only one hurting for that reason.

SO many companies think they can make money using the Razors and Blades business model. Well, guess what? No matter how many free razors you give away, no one will buy blades if the razor is ugly, cheap looking, poor performing, and the blades are more expensive than buying yet another new and better razor from someone else.

I HAVE "bought" Lexmark printers.... each time ONLY when I got them free as a rebate item on an Apple Macintosh or PowerBook purchase. Each time I have thrown or given them away even before the first ink cartridge ran dry....

The product felt cheap, looked cheap, printed cheap looking prints and inks were more expensive than fancy colognes.... Thanks, but No, Thanks.

What do you think?


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