Thursday, October 27, 2005

Responding to a bigot

This is based on a comment I posted on a Yahoo news discussion relating to the recent killing of some Israelis.

No one can condone killing people going about their lives IF they are not occupiers or parts of a standing army or enslaving someone else. Killing children in a school, etc. should earn people a place in hell, regardless of what cause they claim to fight for... BUT, in regards to your dumb rant about killing Muslims, Palestinians, etc. starting with the text:

> Isreal has every right to protect their's.

I hope that one day soon, unlike Zionists, bigots, Palestinian or Israeli terrorists, good people on all sides can sit down and solve the problem of Occupied Palestine. Without freedom and a nation of their own for the Palestinians, I do not foresee an end to the killings on both sides. And, a good start would be for Israel to follow the United Nations resolutions... and for America to stop vetoing justice just to appease the American-Jewish and Zionist lobbies in the media.

> No more peace until all Palis are DEAD!

Oh, and the Palestinian's should just watch Israel continue to steal more of THEIR land, kill innocent civilians in retaliation to suicide bombers' acts, drop 1000 lb. bombs in NEIGHBORHOODS *hoping* to kill ONE terrorist (and missing him), KILLING teenagers with TANK SHELLS....? Hmmm... gee, I wonder why they don't just roll over and die...

I am sorry, if the Russians or the Chinese or the Martians invaded OUR country, took OUR land and did the same thing as Zionist Israilis do, I would HOPE you are man enough to stand up and fight for America.... even if we are all enslaved.

Oh, BTW, ISRAELIS also bulldoze AMERICAN peace activists to death, AND they are the ONLY "ALLY" with ACTIVE SPIES here in America... the country that feeds and arms them.

And, if you are a Zionist and think ISLAM or MUSLIMS are the problem, may God serve up a nice new Christian Adolf Hitler from Europe to deliver you to the place you ought to be... Ouch! Which?

Take a deep breath....the answer will come to you.

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