Monday, November 14, 2005

Incredible Exclusive News From Iraq & War On Terror

IMRAN.TV reports these exclusive news items from Iraq today.

President Bush Guarantees Bin Laden's Death

President Bush announced another victory in the war on terror, when Saddam's aide died in hiding, never having been caught. Bush felt that the stress of running must have killed Izzat al Douri. According to President Bush, this proves his plan to BORE Bin Laden and his team to death is working. Bush said he can guarantee that this will cause Bin Laden to die within the next 100 years and the war on terror will be won.

UN's Kofi Annan In Iraq Seeking....

Since UN Secretary General Koki Annan sees little hope for peace in Iraq after the war Bush started, he felt it was his duty to visit Iraq. He is there seeking not peace but a piece, of the action.... He is there to find any opportunity.... to get some Hailburton contracts for his own son.
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