Sunday, November 13, 2005

How To Treat A Wannabe Suicide Bomber Iraqi Woman

OK, let us get one thing established. I abhor violence and torture, and would never condone hitting a woman. However, now that we have this live specimen of human filth Iraqi wannabe suicide bomber woman under arrest, here are some ideas I have for her treatement.

I disagree with blowing her up. :-) Blowing up her sorry ass on global TV would be a waste... I mean, that is what SHE wanted in the first place.

Much better TV ratings (and ad revenues) would come from a pay-per-view on-air special of putting her in the camp with the 600 sex starved men in Guantanamo Bay.

The real "jihadis" among them can get one non-virgin right there to meet their needs to blow something, and the others, who may be incorrectly held by the US can get some much deserved free sex. If suicide bombers think they get 72 virgins somewhere above, a woman suicide bomber should get 72 virgin terrorist men have their way with her right here on earth.

After that, I consider this woman perfectly suited for being tortured in EVERY known way to make her talk, to get information on where other terrorists are hiding, planning and preparing for more murder of innocent people around the world.

THEN, finally, I would like to see her blown up on TV, but, to make the show longer, thereby increasing the opportunity to get more advertising sponsors (like Kevlar, Hummer, Smith & Wesson, Haliburton, CIA, US Army) I suggest strapping mini-explosives to her body so she is blown up, bit by bit.

First the left middle finger, then the right middle finger, then the right big toe, then the left shoulder, then the right ear, and so on.... You get the idea. And, hopefully, any other wannabe volunteers to suicide bombings will get the idea of what awaits them.

What do you think.... am I being too soft? :-)

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