Monday, November 28, 2005

Hang 'em High, and on PPV TV

It is expected that the United States of America will carry out its 1000th execution of a convicted killer since the death penalty was reinstituted. There are many who oppose the death penalty (mostly people who have not lost a loved one to violent murder).

I always felt the death penalty, as meted in the USA, is too gentle for some of the worst violent killers.

I mean, they are allowed to basically doze off to permanent sleep with a lethal injection. Where's the fun in that? Where's the justice in them suffering what they did to their victims?

I believe killers should be killed in exactly the same manner as they killed their victims in.... and, if that is too complicated, then just Hang 'em high, in Giants Stadium.. and put it on PPV (pay per view television).

Let's give the money to victims' families, or, if there is no next of kin, to pay the cost of having tracked and proesecuted the killer. $9.99 paid by 100,000 viewers oughta be a good start.


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