Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liberal Muslim Agrees With Catholic Church's Conservative Stance?

You probably think a Muslim commentator, especially a liberal one, is least likely to support a tougher conservative stance of the Roman Catholic Church on a socio-political issue.... But, in this particular case, where the Church is taking a harder, I mean, tougher, line on limiting or refusing gay clergy in the Church, I do. I do. I do.

OK, OK, I was just kidding on the last two "I do"s. I am not married to this issue!

Back to the topic at hand. Yes, I somewhat agree with the Catholic Church on one of its recent decisions. Here's why.

Like most major religions, Christianity in the Catholic Church is not a free-floatin', easy-goin', come 'n hang out, everythin's cool commune or open-air concert.

It is a system of beliefs, values, traditions and rules. You and I may disagree with those beliefs, values, traditions or rules, but no one is forcing us to JOIN the Church.

Unlike a place like, for example, Saudi Arabia forcing (my religion) Islam down everyone's throats (except the rich and Royal family members), No one is forcing anyone, in America, or Italy, or Pakistan, to BECOME a Catholic or Christian.

So, if someone wants to be a CATHOLIC the way the Church and other Christian Catholics define it, (and as long as it does not require them to kill others, or burn people at the stake, hold inquisitions or bombing nations the way George Bush seems to be doing "the Lord's work") then they ought to abide by the rules of the Catholic Church.

If they disagree with some of the things that are fundamental to Catholic values, they should consider joining another denomination, or a different Church, or a different faith that tolerates, accepts or celebrates whatever it is that the Church does not accept. But, I disagree with politically correct changes being shoved upon a religion and its followers, even though I do not personally belong to that religion.

It is one thing to have religions "change" with the times, e.g. having web sites, TV sermons, etc. but it is a whole different thing to try to change the fundamentals of that religion just because certain things are more socially acceptable today than 2000 years ago.

So, I can accept and support gays having equal rights as citizens of a nation, members of society, workers in a company, etc. but forcing established institutions or a few Billion people to give up their fundamental beliefs, whether right or wrong, just to placate a "a few thousand" members of a certain sexual orientation is definitely not right.

At the same time, my main concern still remains.

The Church has still not done enough to address the serious issue of pedophile priests. It amazes me how some of the worst sexual predators and offenders still enjoy positions of power and prestige --- even after their roles in sexual abuse of children and protecting guilty priests became publicly known.

Punishing decent gay people who may be good Christian human beings, while protecting "straight", but truly evil, child-raping priests.... now that's a crime that ought to be dealt with more seriously.

What do you think?


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IMRAN™ said...

As usual, Imran Farooq makes excellent points. Yes, it does smack of hypocricy and a sort of effort to have it both ways... no pun intended.

Imran Anwar