Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How Do You Say "Distraction"?

Just who are they fooling? It sometimes amazes me how transparently and blatantly our politicians can put politics above ethics, or duty to the Constitution.

It appears some in Congress want to investigate the leaked news of our government keeping ILLEGAL prisons to keep and likely torture anyone they want. They are doing it obviously to deflect attention from the Valerie Plame CIA agent outing leak investigation, which should possibly bring down Dick Cheney at the least; and to divert attention from the actual fact that such prisons would be illegal by OUR laws.

My opinion is quite simple.

Leaking a CIA operative's name to PUNISH her husband for DOMESTIC POLITICAL reasons is as bad as treason.  

Someone having the courage to let US AMERICANS know that, AGAIN, our government is breaking OUR LAWS, is also a LEAK…. but instead of treason, it would qualify as an act of patriotism in my humble opinion.  

If such a leaker had leaked info as to how AlQaeda could attack such illegal prisons or kill American guards there then it would be treasonous. Otherwise, it was a great American who believes in what our values are (Hint: They are not what George Bush and Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, Haliburton or the CIA represent).

What do you think?

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