Thursday, December 01, 2005

WHO wants to encourage censorship!?

The other day I read a posting on a Yahoo message board, where some lame-brained RIGHT-WING neo-con was accusing the liberal LEFT of promoting censorship.

And, I had to say, How IDIOTIC to say that the LEFT wants to encourage censorship.

I am no fan of often Democratic AND Liberal led POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

But the real enemies of freedom of speech, and liberty, are now the RIGHT WING, mostly Republicans now backed by fundamentalist Christians.

They would not want anyone to question any government policy set up by Bush, Cheney and their gang of secretive, court-constitution-congress-bypassing war-mongers. They would shove the constitution into a museum, and would insist that questioning torture, corrupt government, Haliburton driven wars etc. should not be allowed. Yet, we are expected to do that, and BE PATRIOTIC by giving up the VERY BASIC rights that this country gives us, the right to speak freely AND to hold our government accountable.

These RIGHT wingers are censoring facts, truth and even the news (when they are not planning to bomb Al-Jazeera TV!), yet they ARE adding another kind of speech... where it does not belong..... RELIGION in SCHOOLS and GOVERNMENT places.

Don't forget to say your prayers before doing your government court or school job, or teaching Adam & Eve to SCIENCE students.



IMRAN™ said...

Helli IF, On the contrary, since I now also allow Anonymous postings, it is important to protect my regular readers from someone posting pure profanity, vulgarity or threats, etc. Censorship would be my rejecting a post because it HAS ideas and they are OPPOSED to mine. I love points and counterpoints, and debate. So, comment away! Thanks.


jamwall said...

well said imran. thanks for visiting! :)