Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A Colorful Happy Life Is Whatever You Make Of The Canvas Of Destiny & The Paints Of Fate God Gave To You At Birth - IMRAN™

Sure, it looks like I ran through a glue factory into a flower shop and then through a paint store as the cans fell off the shelves! Life, like art, is what you choose to see, what you make of it.
 I do not know how much time I have assigned to me here on Earth in God's ledgers of time. What I do know is this, we are all given a blank cavas of destiny when we are born. We are provided an infinite supply of paints that family, education, travel, experiences, and choices bring into our studio. 
What we do with them, what we envision, what we conjure up with our imagination, what structures we sketch in, what conclusions we draw, and what motions we go through, those are all entirely up to us. We choose the paints. We choose the brushes, the pencils, the erasers, even the magic markers and spray cans. Every day of life we are coloring in the story of our one and only one life. 
We are working on a singularly unique canvas in the entire universe and through all of the infinities of time. It is the ultimate irony that the painting is only “complete" when our finite time runs out, when it is the end of the physical world for us. Sometimes paintings are left unfinished compared to what we imagined, when we do not get all the time we thought we would. 
The truth is, even with a hundred years, we could never run out of the new shades, strokes and layers we could have continued to add. That is why it is essential that we paint the best of our intentions into existence every day. 
We must do that and live life to the fullest every day, make the world a better place every day, speak out against injustice every day. Whether the painting is considered a masterpiece by anyone is not important. What is important is to know that regardless of what and how we chose to live, and paint our story, we did the best we could have.
That way, no matter how much time we have, and how much of our envisioned image is completed, it will still have been the best use of the gifts of life we were given by Allah, the One God, creator of everything and beyond. 
At the end, that is the only viewer who can award us the ultimate prize…. knowing that we lived the happiest, most colors-filled, joyful, love-spreading life we possibly could have. Thank you, God. 

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