Saturday, February 03, 2024

What Happens When 3D Brain Printers Run Out Of Inks!? - IMRAN™

God help us. First #3D-printed functional human #brain tissue has been created by scientists. 
There are some people I would gladly gift such 3D Brain printers to. 😃 Maybe their brains were created with printers made by sleazy companies like Canon that deliberately brick entire multifunction devices’ scanner & fax parts under the evil ruse of expired print heads. 
This news item from Interesting Engineering is both exciting and terrifying. “#Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are the first to develop the 3D-printed brain tissue, which grows and behaves like a natural brain tissue. 
The group used a new 3D-printing method, stacking layers of tissue horizontally rather than vertically and using a softer bio-ink. The model will allow scientists to better study #neurological diseases, including #Alzheimers and #Parkinsons.”
What are your thoughts (from your hopefully non-3D printed 🧠) brain?😊

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