Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eyes Rise To High Rise, Monterey Touching Skies

The Monterey, on 96th Street and Third Avenue, in the tony Carnegie Hills part of Manhattan, NY, was my home for nearly 3 wonderful years, 1992-1995.

During a recent trip to NYC I took the #6 Lexington Avenue train to the area. I was happy to see the doorman and concierge still remembered me after 15 years.

I met some of the most beautiful people and some of the most special people entered my life in this amazing building. From the beautiful, brilliant and then-beloved Beth to the amazing angel-faced and angel-hearted Allegra, from the lovable lovely Lipika to one of Revlon's "10 Most Beautiful Women" the exquisitely beautiful, funny, sweet and one-in-a-million Julie. From the awesome dude Askari, to the lucky F16 & airlines pilot and gentleman Kendall. All these and more are parts of memories from the amazing life I had at The Monterey.

Looking like a towering silo reaching into the sky, the lighting made it look even more beautiful. Taken from street level, with the busy intersection and the Islamic Center & Mosque behind me, this photo shows how the eye rises to this high-rise's peak... looking at my apartment just near the top floor. This view with the stunning bright sky that day and reddish tones of 5 PM winter NY sun show the vivid colors and the Normandie Court apartments and clouds reflecting in the glass and brick styled tower.

Being circular on the outer edge gave my large 1-bedroom luxury home the most stunning panoramic views. I could see Yankees Stadium, Mets Stadium and planes landing at LaGuardia Airport, cars on and boats under the Tri-Borough Bridge, East River, FDR Drive, Citicorp Center and if I leaned out I could at that time see the World Trade Center (but would probably fall out the window doing that).

I was the first tenant in my apartment in the new building and only left it when I built my dream home on Long Island.

I would love to go back and get an apartment there again, preferably my own again (21-H or higher) but it may not happen for a while. I was foolish enough to sublet the apartment to an African-American named Ali Yasin (Ali Yassin) who stayed there nearly 2 years but disappeared without paying 6 months rent. I am still searching for him (and the woman pastor named Ekutowsi Robinson who was his guarantor) because he caused severe financial and legal obligations with his sleazy behavior. (Caution if you ever do business with these people).

Until then, I can always look back to the memories I made in this building and know, there are others holding dear incredible memories as I do.

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