Friday, June 11, 2010

(South) Country Road, Take(s) Me Home

Just after Christmas 1993, snow still on the ground, I took a train from Manhattan for a real estate person to show me some areas to buy or build my first very own home and my first home in America. (I am blessed to have a family home we built in Lahore, Pakistan 25 years ago).

In East Patchogue, I was taken in by the beauty of the area. This road, created literally 80 years ago, the aptly named South Country Road, looked really beautiful and representative of the South Shore's "God's country" living charm and lifestyle, just over one hour away from Manhattan and a short drive away from the Hamptons. As a matter of fact, the area is affectionately called the Hamptons without the hassle!

Indeed, like the words of that great song, this (South) Country Road, Take(s) Me Home, to Heron Pointe, the place I now live and so belong.

I just fell in love with the beachfront property, and the spot I would build my dream home, within 30 seconds of stepping out of the car, right then, right there, on that very first visit at Christmas 1993.

It took half of 1994 for me to build up the commitment courage (and paperwork as a Green Card holder but non-citizen entrepreneur with no regular job) to commit to the contract. And that too I did when someone else made the builder an offer on "my" home lot.

Not being able to stall any further, I made the commitment, and the home was completed in time for my birthday in 1995. I have been blessed to live here for 15 years now.

Now, even as I face some truly challenging times, that can uproot me in every way imaginable, every time I am walking and get to this spot (from where my home is just over a mile away ahead and to the right on the water) it takes my breath away.

Exactly a month ago, May 9, 2010, a particularly difficult and dark day for me, was possibly the single most vivid, clear and bright Long Island day I have seen in a few years.

I simply pulled out the pocket Nikon S6, and, after waiting several minutes to find the road clear, took this shot.

I did not mind the bright Red Jeep receding into the distance, into the wild future just around the vanishing point, that dark bend in the road, giving contrasts of Red, Yellow and Green on the road, and Red, Blue and White with the sky.

South Country Road. It's taken me home for 15 blessed years. Where the road takes me, and what road I will be on, all I can do is continue on the drive of an amazing life, on this walk through time, spreading my wings, destination unknown.

I thank God for having blessed me more than I could have imagined and - as I have faith and pray - He will do even more in the days and years to come.

© 2010 IMRAN

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