Friday, March 26, 2010

Solar Cytoplasm Sets Sky(To)Plasma Display. (Dedicated To Dennis Hopper & All Those Fighting Terminal Illness)

Since I was a kid, I loved puns, enjoyed Physics, hated Biology and despised Chemistry!

This is possibly the most science-related pun titles that is also (I hope!) philosophically deep. But it is quite simple at the same time.

The nuclear-hot core, Hydrogen burning nucleus of the sun, plasma ignited fires of the gigantic heavenly body, light its edges like a yellow membrane of fire. That all-consuming heat, across the spans of space, is also the source of energy for life, even in the most basic cellular (as in single-cell of living beings) organism.

Cytoplasm, in Biology, is the material between the cell membrane and its nucleus, the basic building block of life.

All living creatures, including us proud humans, with passion, blood and plasma coursing through our veins, are simply walking symphonies of a seemingly random but coordinated cacophony of chemical reactions in our own cell's cytoplasm. It's not strange when something goes wrong, it's a miracle that so much works so perfectly for so long, giving us a chance to achieve greatness beyond the humble cell we start from.

Bare branches of a sole tree stand in stark defiance against the falling sun. Yet its soul silently yearns to trap life-giving photons in a net of meshed dry limbs, so that new life may spring forth again from their tips.

We humans proudly walk by the sunset sky lit to plasma colors as in the moment above, to huddle in the safety and comfort of our nuclear family members. As we turn On our hi-def plasma displays to the Discovery Channel, we discover...

We, our planet, even our sun and solar system, appear to be tinier and tinier, nearly invisible, insignificant single cells of the universe the further we view from.

We are amazed. We are humbled. We realize that in life, until our death, it is our choice. We may be insignificant, but we can choose not to be inconsequential.

Even as the mighty sun falls, and daylight burns to an end, we can still seize the day to shine bright into the endless night.

Carpe Diem.

Dedicated to Dennis Hopper and all those fighting terminal illnesses. Fight on, live on, shine on, forever, you crazy diamond stars.

© 2010 IMRAN

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