Friday, March 12, 2010

When Life's In The Rough, Believe In Magic And Miracles

As I, along with countless millions in this country and around the world, face the most challenging times of my life, I do my best to remain the positive person I was since I was a child.

I usually do not blog with embedded content (because I like my blog to be a record of my creative efforts and also because you never know when the embedded content can be removed by the owner or poster). But, this Golf video clip is especially poignant.

You will find this clip entertaining for the sports value.

But at this difficult stage in life for so many of us, it is a great reminder to never give up hope, never lose faith and above all, never stop believing in magic you could not have imagined, good fortune you could not have planned.

Just when you think all is lost, your life is in the rough, the most amazing things can happen. Good fortune can appear when you least expect it. A gust of wind, or just the ultimate touch of God's hand can twist a blade of grass just so perfectly, that every thing lines up. And, it lines up far better than you could have set up, aimed for or taken at swing at.

Believe. Have faith. Smile. Above all, give thanks. Even if you don't get to ace every hole, or achieve very goal, what could be better than to have had a chance to play the game... of life.

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Professor Howdy said...

Faith is pointless - It's the object of one's faith that is important...