Monday, March 22, 2010

Songs Of Spring Flying & "Pink! I Soar"

Songs Of Spring Flying & "Pink! I Soar" - IMRAN™ ___ (Please Enjoy The Words)

As the inexorable march of time brings our days to a close, just past the Ides Of March, the clocks spring forward, back to their original times. Spring may be in the air, or at least around the corner of the winter clock's tearing eye --- as will be happier days and times one day on the calendar of life.

Blue skies are not immediately visible on the horizon and the darkness of night still stands, brooding, silently menacing, around the water's edge.

But even in impending dusk, the sky blushes pink for its fantasy-filled thoughts of the sensual dawn it yearns to be embraced by. The soul wonders. What shall I do with this moment?

One Day I'll Fly Away, but does it have to be now? Shall I seek refuge in stark branches with Broken Wings? Or go back to Learning To Fly so l can fly again to seek the new dawn -- which I have to believe is waiting over the horizon?

I think. I feel. I choose. I roar. 
"When eyes see Pink, I soar."

PS Sorry, I could not resist the puns on Pink Eye, Pink Eyesore, etc. for an image that is cool and pleasing to the eye. Of course the Pink Floyd song reference also reminded me of two other favorite songs, one from Randy Crawford and the other from the one-hit wonder Mister Mister.

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