Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dictionary Defined Dominoes, Free Falling Fraudsters

Jack Abramoff, the Washington lobbyist crook, who had friends in high places, and who donated money, among others, to George W. Bush' re-election has pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

Bush's people have offered to return (or give to charity) $6000 that Abramoff gave them, but I did not see anything about the at least $100,000 Abramoff raised for Bush's reelection. Even if the tainted money is returned or given to charity, the fact remains that the corruption of the election process is so ingrained that there is no way to undo the actual long term damage it does.

If the same thing happened and such a crook had raised $10 MILLION for Bush, or a future dumb idiot or known crook, would the election be null and void? No. So, in my humble opinion, the laws need to be stronger in dealing with lobbyists, crooks, special interests, all buying the politicians and political parties - BEFORE something like that happens.

In the meantime, I am hoping that with the guilty plea of Abramoff, he will be providing prosecutors plenty of ammunition against other crooks, like Tom DeLay. Hopefully, as they line up to sell out each other out, we will have the dominoes falling effect. I did a quick lookup on the word domino/dominoes in the dictionary and this is what I found.

From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48:

Domino \Dom"i*no\, n.; pl. Dominos or (esp. the pieces for a
game) Dominoes. [F. domino, or It. domin[`o], or Sp.
domin['o], fr. L. dominus master. The domino was orig. a hood
worn by the canons of a cathedral. See Don, Dame.]
1. A kind of hood worn by the canons of a cathedral church; a
sort of amice. --Kersey.
[1913 Webster]

How appropriate... a hood, as could be worn by some religious right wing fanatics, which we see gaining plenty of power in this administration. Additionally, Hood could also be used for hoodlum, or crook, which we too are seeing plenty of.

2. A mourning veil formerly worn by women.
[1913 Webster]

That would probably be the mourning veil we all should wear for the slow but steady murder of our Constitutional rights taking place under Bush and his fascist henchmen. Pretty soon you will not be able to tell the difference between living in the USA or the USSR. That happens with the government listening to all your calls WITHOUT court authority, checking what you read in the library, and putting you on a no-fly list because of what you read or say, regardless of whether you are a terrorist or just a free thinking American exercising your right to criticize the government.

3. A kind of mask; particularly, a half mask worn at
masquerades, to conceal the upper part of the face.
Dominos were formerly worn by ladies in traveling.
[1913 Webster]

What we have in Washington right now is really Haliburton's 8-year masquerade ball, where they are having a ball and we the people are having our balls busted at the gas station, with lives being lost in Iraq for Cheney and friends to get rich.

4. A costume worn as a disguise at masquerades, consisting of
a robe with a hood adjustable at pleasure.
[1913 Webster]

and then it goes on to say:

fall like dominoes. To fall sequentially, as when one
object in a line, by falling against the next object,
causes it in turn to fall, and that second object causes a
third to fall, etc.; the process can be repeated an
indefinite number of times.

This is the most appropriate description of all... The process has started. Abramoff. DeLay. Now let's see who's the next one to fall. What's your guess?



Anonymous said...

an interesting and knowledgable piece!

IMRAN™ said...

Obviously Delay is not the only crook. In Washington you have to look to see who is NOT the crook, as everyone else is. BUT, he was in a position of top leadership, selling out the government and even influence to the White House indirectly. Scapegoats are people who had nothing to do with the big issue. He did. So, he should go away. And, the rest of them should be prosecuted too. The "others are doing it too" defence is no defence. By that token an arrested murderer would ask to go free because so many other murders are unsolved and he should not be a scapegoat.