Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bush Makes World Safer - For Bin Laden!

Terrorists were driving around in the USA prior to 9/11 and nothing was done. Bush was informed 9/10 of such a possibility, nothing was done. 3000 Americans were killed by Bin Laden, nothing was done to focus and at least get that one man.

Instead, US troops are STILL in Afghanistan. Cost $1 BILLION Per month.

We attack IRAQ, no relation to Bin Laden. Cost $5 BILLION Per month.

North Korea makes a nuclear weapon while Bush wrings his hands and his oil friends wring our necks with $36 BILLION profits and nothing's done.

Now Iran had a choice. Be like Iraq, do nothing and be attacked, or be like North Korea, and make the bomb. Guess what they chose to do.... ?

They know that the US can't send in troops and start a 3rd World War from that region and that the US does NOT have enough troops or patience in the American public for such a stunt.

The US can't just bomb the place either. We would see a Pandora's Box of terrorism explode worldwide AND we would see the oil price shock wipe out our economic recovery.

So, Bin Laden must be sitting laughing in his cave.

Bush makes the world so much safer - for Bin Laden.

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