Thursday, January 19, 2006

Unbelievable: Smokers Sue For CAT Scans

Crain's excellent reporter Catherine Tymkiw reported a story that had me groan and mutter "Unbelievable" under my breath. No, there was nothing wrong in her reporting, but the content of the story. "New York state Marlboro smokers want Philip Morris to pay for a new CT scan that can detect early-stage lung cancer. "

While I have no sympathy or affection for tobacco companies, big or small, I have even less sympathy for these smokers. They CHOSE to smoke. The KNEW the risks. They STILL smoked. They want someone ELSE to pay for THEIR choices. Many of these people are long term smokers, which shows that they did not "do something stupid once" but are "long term stupid idiots".

I do not want anyone to suffer cancer, or any other disease - BUT, if these guys (and gals) are so worried about getting cancer, they should have thought about it when they started and chose to continue to smoke. I hope not only does Phillip Morris refuse these idiots' claims, but that the courts throw out any such stupid lawsuits.

Smokers who can afford to spend $1200 annually on smoking ought to be able to pay $500 to get their own CAT scans.


Imran Farooq said...

It really bothers me when there are people like the ones mentioned in this post or those that constantly try to sue people frivolously.

That's why I was glad that the lady who planted the finger in the Wendys' store was given such a harsh sentence. People need to get a life and try to earn their livings honest ways.

Anonymous said...

I'm a smoker. That said, I do agree with you. I'm a rational, thinking human being and its my choice. The difference here is that I'M WILLING TO DEAL WITH AND BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY OWN ACTIONS AND CHOICES. I think it comes down to personal responsibility. Thank you.

IMRAN™ said...

Well, then, my friend, you have my support as it should be your right to choose what you put into your lungs, as long as it does not hurt my lungs or cost me money. You are the first smoker who I have heard say something so rational and responsible. Enjoy your puffs, but hope you quit, so reasonable people like you live longer. :-)


Anonymous said...

Although its true that smokers make a choice to smoke, it is usualy under conditions that are less than optimal for a choice. Most people start smoking in their early teens and it is usualy as a result of peer pressure, virulent advertisement to teens and other tactics by the tobacco companies. Once people start smoking, it is extremely difficult to quit.
These facts make the 'choice' of smoking a complex matter. The choice a teen makes is usualy flawed, unintellegent and not completely aware. This is in contrast to the assertion above in the blog saying that the smoker was Fully aware of the risks. Just like a teenage boy/girl is unaware of the consequences of a pregnancy, they are fully unaware of the consequences of smoking.
Have said that, tabaco companies should take a greater responsibility of the over 60 billion dollars spent annualy on lung related diseases. It has been established that they have manipulated nicotene levels, have used unethical ways to advertise to kids and continue the same practices over seas to the rest of the world as we speak.
Therefore I disagree and I think the they should not only pay for the CAT scan, they should fully pay for all the health related costs of somokers and not let it be a burden on the rest of american tax payers.

IMRAN™ said...

AA, please give me a break. While I detest cigarette companies only slightly less than smokers who take one final puff and throw the butt out their car window (I call them ASHHOLES™), they are selling a product legally. It is a person's choice. Parents TELL teenagers not to smoke. I chose NOT to smoke, though I lived in a boarding school, where peer pressure is highest. If cigarette companies have to pay for someone being stupid and weak, then should a sport car maker pay every time a stupid teenager steals a sports car and kills themselves on the road? No. I ould not care less if smokers drive tobacco companies out of business - but doing it in the typical "I am stupid, but someone else should pay for my mistakes" rip-off.