Thursday, January 19, 2006

Unbelievable: Smokers Sue For CAT Scans

Crain's excellent reporter Catherine Tymkiw reported a story that had me groan and mutter "Unbelievable" under my breath. No, there was nothing wrong in her reporting, but the content of the story. "New York state Marlboro smokers want Philip Morris to pay for a new CT scan that can detect early-stage lung cancer. "

While I have no sympathy or affection for tobacco companies, big or small, I have even less sympathy for these smokers. They CHOSE to smoke. The KNEW the risks. They STILL smoked. They want someone ELSE to pay for THEIR choices. Many of these people are long term smokers, which shows that they did not "do something stupid once" but are "long term stupid idiots".

I do not want anyone to suffer cancer, or any other disease - BUT, if these guys (and gals) are so worried about getting cancer, they should have thought about it when they started and chose to continue to smoke. I hope not only does Phillip Morris refuse these idiots' claims, but that the courts throw out any such stupid lawsuits.

Smokers who can afford to spend $1200 annually on smoking ought to be able to pay $500 to get their own CAT scans.
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