Friday, January 20, 2006

Mr. Reagan, Tear Down This Wall (Of Economic Blackmail)

One month to the day I originally posted this article, the MTA workers rejected the very generous contract they were offered by the MTA. I had even been pretty annoyed to hear how there were hidden refunds that the union workers were being given. But, apparently, in an economy where people are doing more for less pay, the MTA, like other union shops, wants to do less, earn more and have somene else foot the bill --- even if their employer is unprofitable. Now they are back, basically begging to be given that same offer again!

This is what I wrote on 12/20/2005.

As you are probably aware, the workers of New York City's transit system started a strike. This is something they regularly threaten to do, especially at this time of year, when a huge number of people is relying on the subways, trains and buses for holiday shopping and visiting.

If you heard what "unfair" and "harsh" conditions they are fighting, you'd start laughing. They do not want to pay 1% towards the cost of their medical care. They do NOT want to pay towards their retirement funds. They do not want to work past 55 years of age. All this while they have jobs that do not really require rocket science degrees.

In the meantime, the United States is full of people who have lost jobs, are barely hanging on to jobs or are desperately seeking jobs. People who have to have far greater skills, for much loner work hours in the private sector, pay much more to have health benefits, without an entitlement to cushy retirements at age 55.

So, I think the time has come not to exploit the working class, but to save the economy and the hardworking consumer from the unions that build a wall of blackmail around the economy.

Now, President Reagan, he was the man for this occassion.

What we need is for National Guards and other such service people trained to take over such essential services when these kinds of union thugs hold up the nation, and the economy. From the numbers I have seen NYC will lose hundreds of millions of Dollars in revenue because of the strike.

If I recall correctly, part of Bin Laden's mission was to cripple us economically.... these guys are mini-economic-terrorists in the impact they knowingly want to have on the city.

Here's a thought.... teach illegal immigrants to operate trains (not that difficult and fairly automated) and buses (not much harder to learn than operating a tractor on a farm in Texas)....

Then we will see how quickly these blackmailing Unions will show up for work. AND will be happy to pay 1% for healthcare. AND will be more than willing to work until the age of 70. Then watch the transit fares remain steady, service improve and never hear of a strike again.

Long Live Reagan's union-busting legacy, and may we have such leadership that breaks this vice of vice, incompetence and corruption from the neck of consumers and the American economy.

President Bush, pull out some troops from Iraq, and send them into the tunnels of NYC! That's where the latest economic terrorists are operating. Now, that's a war on (economic) terror that I would support.


PS: See what that means for "State Of The Unions" today and tomorrow.

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