Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Numbers (Will) Tell The Story

As a Muslim, Pakistan-born, outspoken critic of the Bush administration, who also happens to fly planes, I would not have been surprised to discover that I was spied on by the US government.

As a matter of fact, especially with a court order behind it, especially as an American, I would have welcomed their checking me up as well as others. I would feel the government was doing the right thing to find out if there were more 9/11 type terrorists here.

However, as an American, I am now more scared of what George W. Bush is doing to us, our country, our rights, and our Constitution, than I ever worried about Bin Laden.

It is amazing that Bush and his administration CHOSE to break the law, when there are even special judges tasked with issuing orders approving spying on people. What that says about Bush and his Henchmen and Benchwomen's desire and hunger for power is a separate discussion for some other day.

What I am more concerned about is, how MANY people were spied on?

THAT is the question to ask. THAT will tell us what the Bush administration was looking for.

If the number of people is "a few" then we can and must ask, why not use a judge?

So, I say to Bush and Bushies, why not tell us what the NUMBER of people spied on is?

For example, spying on 300 people would at least be understandable (even though the spying was still illegal). In a country of 300 million one could assume there are 300 people who ought to be kept an eye on.

However, if the number of us that Bush and his CIA/FBI/NSA spooks were spying on is 10,000 or 100,000 or any number like that, then:

A- we are pretty much screwed if that is the number of AlQaeda supporters here in USA, or
B- we have become a fascist state where the dictator and his party can spy on anyone to curb dissent and curtail freedom.

In either case, we are screwed. Bin Laden must be smiling as much as his family friend George Bush is grinning. That's just, in my humble opinion. What do you think?

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