Sunday, December 25, 2005

Holiday Is Not War

Sunset At Old Inlet, Fire Island, Long Island, New York © Imran Anwar

On this great evening, let me say to you:

A Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Great Kawanzaa, Good Divali, Eid Mubarak, and Happy New Year to you and everything else that you may celebrate.

Even as a Muslim living in America, I have no problem with Merry Christmas being said when it IS Christmas time. But, obviously, it does not make sense for me to say that to my Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim friends. So, Happy Holidays is pretty safe and especially when greetings people whose religion you do not know, or when emailing several people, for example.

I cannot stand the dumb political correctness of some quarters calling a Christmas Tree put up on December 25 as a HOLIDAY TREE. I also have a problem with the other extreme of political correctness (and being fair too) of including every group in every greeting.

SO, for short, Happy Holidays is fine, smart, and convenient, as long as it's not done for PC reasons. So, what's the problem with THAT?

Saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS is not some sort of "War against Christmas" but simply common sense and convenient. I think it is DUMB when people say Christmas is under attack, as if there is some group of people waiting to have this fun time of year banned in the USA.

What IS and SHOULD be under attack is religion and its symbols being shoved into government, where they do NOT belong.
The Government should not be putting up Christmas Trees. If a Borders Book Store allows the local Jewish community to hold functions at their holy days inside the store's premises, one would like to believe they would extend the same courtesy to Muslims, if asked. (I am looking into that right now actually).

In the meantime, Happy Holidays everyone, everywhere! Don't forget to check out the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center!



Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....happy holidays, and I do agree....Asians r definitely tolerant.....and let me add..a wonderful sunset, a visual marvel....beautiful..blessing of Mother nature....

Señor Enrique said...

I have very fond memories of Watch Hill (Davis Park?). We used to camp out there. Very nice photograph!

Happy Holidays!

IMRAN™ said...

Thanks! And, now I just realize I switched photos but not the caption. This particular picture is at the even more beautiful Old Inlet, the place just east of Watch Hill. Davis Park is just west of there. Old Inlet is more secluded and hence makes for more interesting photos. More at


Anonymous said...

Right on.

Anonymous said...

After viewing the current Flick "Munich"

I have come to the conclusion that Peace will not come from any "Government Faction" but it can and may be generated by those peacemakers that truly and genuinely want to make a difference in this world to make so those who would suffer from lack of medicines and food and the ravages of War should be no more..When we can eliminate Greed and power hungry people from the need to do so we can and will be the wiser for it. Most of us need to now take a stand and follow through on our hearts and our actions to match the start of a new and wonderful Millenium, those of us who have learned from our mistakes and are willing to go on to better things (For All of Us) God or Allah or whatever or whomever in his or her infinite wisdom gave us the power to CHOOSE. And he says Choose Well....

REK (Cedar Falls, IA)

Anonymous said...

I should reiterate that the response came as I had seen Munich and after the Christmas Holidays. I say "Bravo"
to the concept that we are all of the same mind that this country was founded on Religious freedom (in fact was built upon) let us celebrate that idea and never let it die or dwindle, and that is what is important besides family, and culture and ethnicity, our freedom to worship in our own ways and not be required by the Local Vicar to attend church or be fined or imprisioned....We have come a long long way..