Monday, December 05, 2005

Sellout Judy Miller Sells Out Even More

Yes, it is true, sometimes I cannot stand Ariana Huffington's huffing and puffing commentaries, but her blog has been a pleasant surprise. I had seen a very interesting piece she wrote (and on which she got flak but was proven true) about the world famous sellout from the New York Times, Judy Miller.

Judy Miller, if you recall, was the person who was in bed (figuratively, but I would not be surprised if there was something more literal to the story) with Hailburton, I mean, US Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief Of Staff, Scooter Libby. She was helping spread lies about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that Iraq never had! She chose to go to jail rather than say what she was up to. But she made it sound like it was a great sacfrifice for journalism. No such truth. She has a lot of financial rewards lined up after she got out of jail.

That there is a book deal at the end of Ms. Miller's great "mission" and "sacrifice" and "stand on principles" is not the surprise. It is that she claimed she was standing on principle when in fact it was personal glory and (if this news item is true) financial benefit she was fighting for.

I am all for standing by one's word. I am all for protecting your sources.

But, if I have a source that tells me about a murder that has been committed would I not have to divulge the details to law enforcement?

If the law is clear on protecting US operatives undercover, why would Ms. Milller have the right to choose to break and ignore the law?

So, I am not surprised by the news/claims I am hearing about Ms. Miller, and I am not surprised at how the whole issue of outing a CIA operative is being minimized by the administration to protect M/s Libby & Rove.

I am just surprised that things can be so blatantly done all around, and we, living in the most informed society in the world, can merely express ourselves on blogs?

Imran Anwar


Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't think it was much of a burden for Judyl.

IMRAN™ said...

Hey, she's not heavy, she's our brooder.