Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Salute To Klute: 1 Man 1 Vote, But 6 Men 1 "Whore"?

A Salute To Klute? One Man One Vote, But Six Brave Men & One "Whore"?

Imran Anwar Comments On American Soldiers' Rape Of Young Filipina

I am sorry that this is a tongue in cheek look at something that is a terribly serious issue. I hope this calls attention to the seriousness of the crime, while the tongue in cheek comment exposes the hypocrites and defenders of rapists.

As you all know, I generally support the vast majority of our brave US troops. Most of them unflinchingly and unquestioningly serve our country, wherever our greedy and currently clueless leaders send them, even while I criticize and oppose the Bush government's policies in places like Iraq.

But, there are times when it's not all Pride and Glory. "A Few Bad Men" (starring Tom Screws?) can show their true colors, and embarass us all.

In many cases their actions are actually driven by, if not approved, condoned and enjoyed by, vile power hungry leaders above them. In such cases, even though the soldiers are guilty of their own evil actions, they usually get away with murder or some of them become the only ones to take the fall.

Abu Ghraib prison abuse, the torture and beating deaths of Iraqi and Afghan prisoners without soldiers being punished for murder and many deaths of people who were not even charged with a crime, are some recent examples.

On the other hand, we can have people who are just low life, scumbags, who just happen to join the Army, show their true colors, do nasty things, embarras our military and our nation.

One such possible example was the recent rape (a girl passed out and sexually attacked by six soldiers is probably rape in most languages in the world) of a Filipina student by six (or at least four) American soldiers at Subic Bay, in the Philippines. The US military has not even handed the soldiers over for prosecution by law enforcement.

But, there are many here in the United States, who are actually attacking the victim! For example, on a Yahoo message board, under the title "SHE WAS LIKELY A PROSTITUTE", someone called jamesrobertdupree so philosophically contributed to the discussion, by saying that the girl must obviously have been a prostitute. "A hooker is a hooker" he wrote with great flourish.

That makes me worry about many other things. I will not even try to argue with that imbecile. Thankfully many other fellow Americans (including apparently an American female soldier) are putting him in his place.

But, if he is right, then I wonder, are these six soldiers, wearing our nation's uniform, such low life slime that Six of them can't find their own dates, or even six HOOKERS - one for each of them?

Is there a shortage of hookers in the Philippines? Can we send in Haliburton to set up a few new brothels?

Or, are these men so pathetic that they have to share one hooker? Yuck. I hope they at least take baths after raping, I mean, serving and protecting, such "hookers" in a country that has been our ally and strong supporter. We are supposed to win hearts and minds, not arms and legs, of our allies' citizens. And, even IF the girl had been a prostitute, does that make raping her OK?

You know me, I get to analyzing things. Now I am worried about our soldiers.

They had to share one "hooker"? Does this mean we need to increase our soldiers' salaries, so they can at least get one hooker each? Democracy would require that.

Would we have to give a Hooker Allowance based on the country they are stationed in, because, one would presume that, a hooker in Germany would cost more than a hooker in the Philippines?

Does the military have to set up a Tribunal to decide the Cost Of Hooking Allowance? Is it based on the length of service - or the length of something else?

Is there an annual change? Does it always go up (the allowance, I mean)?

What heading does that go under in the national defense budget? Could it be the Foreign Undocumented Communal Kinship account?

Then I wonder about the fairness of it all. We are just not being fair to such proud warriors as we have in these six soldiers. We promote the concept of One Man One Vote around the world, so our soldiers deserve One Man One Whore. It's only fair, even if the "hookers" are dark. And, I am sure to these soldiers they all look the same anyway, especially in the dark.

Then, I am also curious about the safety of our soldiers. Who knows what danger they put themselves in so you and I can sleep (separately!) safely at night, or do whatever we like to do at night.

To imagine six brave men are taking on this dangerous passed out hooker who was probably a grave threat to our national security and to your home and mine. I shudder... but that's all.

Did these soldiers use protection? I mean, did they use PROTECTION? Yeah, that's what I meant.

So, do they carry condoms among other "protective" equipment in the backpack?

Does the military get volume discounts for Trojan? Is Durex now a military supplier?

Are condoms carried by the US soldiers "weapons grade", because these brave men are obviously "battle hardened"?

I am sure for safety reasons, "Glow In The Dark" condoms must be forbidden, in case the enemy sees and targets them. (Though there would be no protection from a heat-seeking missile, I think).

After all that, I have to think about the social issues. Do these soldiers have wives here at home? What kind of "souveniers" are they bringing back home to their families? "Look honey, I picked up this hot case of gonorrhea" ?

And, finally, their parents must be proud of them, as we all should be, for their raising our flag "pole" so proudly INSIDE another country's "dark territory".

I am sorry, but I don't want to get hooked on this discussion.

In the end, it's probably best just to march on ---- after a Salute To Klute.

That's jsut In My Humble Opinion.... What do you think?

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