Monday, December 12, 2005

Dictator Saddam Or Daily Death? What A Pick(le)!

Iraqis go to the polls today, while George Bush finally mentions that about 30,000 Iraqi CIVILIANS have died since his elective war for oil began. Who knows what the actual number of casualsties is. We already saw how well the Iraqi insurgents greeted the US as liberators.... We already saw how Bush declared Mission Accomplished... We already saw how Cheney said the Iraqi insurgency was in its dying throes... We already saw how Iraq went from a dictator run stable secular country to a breeding ground for terror, on the verge of civil war.

What I hope we never get to see is the return of Saddam Hussain.... How sad that an evil man like Saddam Hussain would get elected if he was allowed to run for Iraqi elections.

Iraqis who hated and feared him probably think at least they were not getting blown up taking their kids to school....

Saddam killed his opponents (as every dictator in the world and some elected rulers do too, with the blessings of the USA) but the rest of the country was safe. Now, no one knows if they will make it back home alive on a daily basis.

Give them Saddam or give them daily death? They'd sadly pick Saddam. So, Bush would have killed 30,000-100,000 for nothing but oil company profits and Dick Cheney's Haliburton friends. What do you think?

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