Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ford's Hot New Slogans (Caution, Racy Language)

You have already seen the earlier posting on this topic of Ford's decision to stop advertising in gay media and now reversing that decision also. Now that we have seen Ford cave in twice, first to the fundamentalists, and now to the gays, it's time for some hot new slogans for Ford. Please ignore this if you find commonly use racy language offensive. Thanks.

- Ford: Quality is (blow) Job 1
- Built Ford Soft
- Ford Bends Over For You
- Ford We Try (But Can't Get) Harder
- Ford: I'm Shoving It
- Ford Model 8: We'll Leave The Blinkers On For You
- Ford: We Cave In To Both Sides

Bronco tagline: Ford Bucking The Trend,
or wait, is it: Bored Fvc#ing The Rearend ?

As I said, sorry for the crude language but Ford remains a joke of a car company.

Anyway, wherever you stand on the issue of gay rights, at least Ford made a business decision based on business, not the demands of some religious or fundamentalist group. What do you think?


IMRAN™ said...

Glad you liked the irony, IF. Here's the difference with Stern's junk. This was not using a public resource (airwaves) and was my own private space (where you and my readers are welcome). I would not and should not say these words on national TV or national radio. And, I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

that's the way to do it

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...i'm sure you won't post this but here moron ford a joke of a car company....they started the car industry . you wouldn't be drivin a vehicle if it wasn' for henry ford. ummm there is a thing called recalls and ford has the least amount of them. If you want something built to last buy a ford...if you want a chevy go for it the plus side is there are plenty of parts to fix it in the junk yard...and dodge...hmmmm where to start with them...better have a very good tranny'll probably go through 4 or 5 your first year...c'mon know what your talkin about before you open your mouth dumbass

IMRAN™ said...

Thanks for my laught of the day. Actually, I HAVE to post your comment, Anonymous poster of 6:01 PM. Why? Several reasons.

You obviously stand by your opinion so much you are afraid to post your name.

BUT, more importantly, I wanted for readers to see WHY Ford cars are built so poorly. The quality of their workforce is abundantly clear from the intellectual abilities of your comment. With this level ability who else but Ford would hire you.

By the way, I don't make the news... Ford, the company, could go out of business, with Ford FAMILY members looking to sell out their stakes. Read the Wall Street Journal, if you can read to that level.

Lastly, even if Ford had not mass produced Fords, I would likely still have been driving cars. Why? Because I have always loved my Mercedes Benzes, and, incidentally, Daimler-Benz invented the motor car.

Henry Ford was simply the smart businessman who made a factory for mass producing cars... which someone else would have done had he not done it.

Ford mass producing cars is similar to McDonald's making burgers. Just because McDonald's made billions of them in a "factory" environment does not make their burgers edible.

Even a slightly used Benz is better than a New Ford any day.

Thanks for posting your intellectually stimulating comment.


Anonymous said...

LOL...nice job Imran. I agree with you bud. It's a shame the big 3 have failed to innovate their product and reach new markets.

For years American car companies have thrown out gas-guzzling crap with no interest in the future. They pumped out car after car thinking a diverse range of vehicle models, thereby high volume, was the answer. Quality is the answer.

It's coming back to bite them in the butt, to the detriment of millions of hard-working American citizens.

Shukran sir, for sharing your thoughts.

IMRAN™ said...

Thanks, Roland. This posting was in 2005, so clearly the auto makers were on thin ice back then and are now simply trying to blame years of failures on the current crisis. Thanks for the comment.